VPD – “Drill Bit Forensics”

ExxonMobil’s Paul Pastusek leads drill bit forensics virtual session (aired live on 12 April)

As part of IADC’s ongoing efforts to modernize and update its drill bit dull grading system, the Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee held a training session from 07.00-08.30 on 12 April on bit and BHA forensics. The virtual session is a collaborative effort with the International Association of Directional Drilling.

The learning objectives cover how to incorporate forensic analysis of bit and BHA wear scars and fractures as a diagnostic tool for identifying key limiters and corrective actions. The session explores the observations and documentation used in such analysis.

Other topics explored include:

Bit forensics:

  • Reading fracture initiation and direction of loading
  • Erosion and corrosion
  • Bit wear scars – mechanical and thermal

BHA forensics:

  • BHA wear scars and direction of motion
  • Torsion and HFTO loads
  • Bit balling and ribbon flow

Paul Pastusek, Drilling Mechanics Advisor for ExxonMobil, leads this training session.

To participate in the hands-on demonstrations in this training, obtain:

  • 3 pieces of good quality chalkboard white chalk
  • Two pieces of sand paper, one course (~60 grit), one fine (~220 grit), minimum 3×5 inch
  • One piece of paper or smooth card stock, minimum 3×5 inch
  • One or more Oreo™ cookie(s) (or similar laminated cookie with hard outer layers and inner deformable layer)

Presentation Slides:

Click here to download the slides that were featured in the VPD. 


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