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NOV expands completion tool technology product offering

NOV has introduced several new proprietary technologies to its completion tools portfolio:

  • Bulldog Frac – a sliding-sleeve annular fracturing system that provides pinpoint accuracy, zonal isolation and improved reliability;
  • Bullmastiff – a ball-drop open-hole sliding-sleeve sand control fracturing system;
  • Rottweiler – a product family of compact, high-performance frac plugs for the plug-and-perf market;
  • ReAct – an intelligent completion tool technology that offers remote signaling capabilities for valves and sleeves for a variety of applications and completion designs; and
  • German Oil Tools – a line of advanced liner hanger systems and other completion tool technologies, products and accessories.

“We are proud to unveil this meaningful expansion to our portfolio of leading-edge completion tool technologies,” Clay Williams, NOV Chairman, President, and CEO, said. “NOV now offers a comprehensive set of differentiated completion tool products and solutions that we believe address the most pressing needs within the global marketplace. We acquired a small completion tool company in mid-2016 that had limited scale and geographical reach but offered a high-quality sliding sleeve product line, strong portfolio of intellectual property and solid team. Over the past year, this team organically developed several complementary products and supplemented that development with acquisitions of what we believe are best-in-class liner hanger and intelligent completion tool technologies. Today our completion tool business operates in 10 countries, has approximately 100 patents issued or pending, and we continue to expand our operations.”

Bulldog Frac pinpoint annular fracturing system

This annular fracturing system enables operators to precisely control the placement of proppant in each stage by pumping down the coiled-tubing annulus through multiple open/close (MOC) sliding sleeves, providing for an unlimited number of stages and leaving no restrictions in the wellbore. The system addresses the operational challenges of most MOC systems with a “shift up to open” design performed with NOV’s proprietary hydraulic shifting tool, which ensures no sleeves are accidentally closed on the trip out. Bulldog Frac sleeves are compact, lightweight and do not require handling pup joints, allowing for safer and more efficient installation. Additionally, it incorporates NOV’s patented and field-proven sealing system, which offers full pressure testing of previously manipulated sleeves even after several years in service.

Bullmastiff open-hole sand control ball-drop fracturing system

This is a proprietary open-hole sliding-sleeve system that incorporates sand screens to eliminate costly sand production issues while maximizing hydrocarbon production. The ball-drop frac sleeve component is the first to allow for proppant stimulation with integral sand control, segregating the stimulation port from the production port. It incorporates NOV’s patented flex sleeve and sealing technology to allow for maximum stage-count flexibility.

Rottweiler frac plugs

These compact, large-bore frac plugs are the shortest on the market. Rottweiler frac plugs can be pumped in at high-displacement rates, hold high differential pressure and are easily milled. Additionally, they are the only products to offer a built-in chemical tracer that provides real-time data on reservoir characteristics during frac jobs to enhance production. Rottweiler frac plugs are currently available in cast-iron, with a composite version expected to be released in the near future.

ReAct remote activation technology

This product family, which was acquired from Omega Completion Technology, offers remote signaling capabilities to downhole valves and sleeves. The technology can be utilized for a number of applications, including programmable sleeves, which respond to a particular pressure or flow signal, and require no hydraulic or umbilical lines to surface. The technology currently has applications for inflow control (for water shutoff or zonal isolation), liner hanger deployment, production packer setting, and wellbore cleanup in preparation for flow-through sand screen completions. These interventionless solutions provide the lowest-cost intelligent completion technologies on the market.

German Oil Tools liner hanger technologies

German Oil Tools’ well-construction and completion products are currently sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The operation, which includes GPS Oil Tools, will continue to develop and manufacture products in Germany but will benefit from NOV’s global sales organization and supply chain.

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