September/October 2014

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Drilling Rigs, Equipment and Automation
Drilling the Distance
Rigs equipped with walk/skid systems, higher-powered mud pumps and top drives satisfy horizontal-drilling demands
by Joanne Liou, Associate Editor
SysML helps untangle software automation requirements on jackup
by David Hetherington, Asatte Press
Verification of rig power systems critical in software testing
by Adi Gildor, ABS Consulting, an abs Group Company
Automation, software, mobility lead advances in drilling packages
by Bruce Nichols, Contributing Editor
Study: How effective are software testing methods on MOUs?
by David N. Card, DNV GL-Approval Centre Korea
Adaptive automation facilitates efficient, safe tripping operations
by Bill Chmela, Nicholas Gibson, Egill Abrahamsen and Ronny Bergerud, Sekal
Health, Safety, Environment and Training
Human factors: the next safety frontier
Non-technical skills emerge as critical element to take drilling safety to next level
by Linda Hsieh, Managing Editor
Leading process safety KPIs enhance barrier management on NCS
by Karl Erik Dahl, Presight Solutions
Good well design helps mitigate solids settling in cuttings re-injection
by Salamat Gumarov, Talgat Shokanov, Steve Simmons, Viacheslav Anokhin and Said Benelkadi, M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company
Recipes for success
Formation-specific, multifunctional completion fluids helping operators maximize production
by Katie Mazerov, Contributing Editor
Regional Focus: Africa
Nurturing growth in Africa
Emerging prospects in East Africa balance maturing West Coast as local companies grow
by Joanne Liou, Associate Editor
Industry eager for repeat of Brazil pre-salt boom offshore Angola
by Tako Koning, Gaffney, Cline & Associates
Complex environments call for better navigation of the human terrain
by Frederik Rijkens, The Cormorant Group
Solids Control
Solids control seeks balance of size, capacity
High-volume centrifuges, separators, shakers keep pace with faster onshore drilling
by Katie Mazerov, Contributing Editor
Contracts and Risk Management
Uncertainty reigns in new regime for risk, contract management
by Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
‘Additional insured’ coverage scope still evolving, still unclear
by Micah Skidmore, Haynes and Boone
Industry in search of better system to manage pollution compensation
by Jeremy Farr and Clare Kempkens Ince & Co
IADC Connection
From the President/CEO: People at the heart of IADC initatives to catalyze improved drilling performance
by Stephen Colville, IADC President/CEO
News Cuttings
Drilling Ahead: Crystal-clear focus on asset integrity, reliability
by Mike Killalea, editor & publisher
D&C News
D&C Tech Digest
HSE&T Corner: Case study from mining: Image-driven safety campaign removes communication barriers
by Joanne Liou, associate editor
People, Companies and Products
Perspectives: Mary Dimataris, M-I SWACO – Capturing expert knowledge with IADC Tech Pubs Committee
by Joanne Liou, associate editor

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