March/April 2014

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Innovating While Drilling
A long and winding road
Broad-scope advances in RSS, mud motors, bits, LWD/MWD push limits of directional drilling as automation vision takes shape
by Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
Dual-gradient system ensures quality cement job in North Sea well
by Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
OMV deploys first continuous circulation system in northern Iraq
by Martin Cullen and Clayton Christensen, Blade Energy
Highly sour fields push challenges for H2S-resistant pipe
by Vincent Flores, Vallourec Drilling Products
Predictive system helps wells adapt to changing formation pressures
by Brian Piccolo, Pat Savage, Henry Pinkstone, Christian Leuchtenberg, MPO
Push-the-bit RSS drills high-angle section in one run for PDVSA
by Jorge Luis Hernández Jurado, PDVSA, and Cesar Figueredo, Schlumberger
Redesigned subs allow continuous circulation in MPD applications
by Justin Cunningham, R.K. Bansal, Geoff George, Eisenhower De Leon, Weatherford
Coiled Tubing
Going the distance
Friction reducers, larger-OD tubing, selective perforation enhance coiled-tubing capabilities, applications
by Joanne Liou, associate editor
CT-enabled frac sleeves boost completion efficiency in Bakken
by Luis A. Castro, C. Christopher Johnson and Christopher W. Thacker, Baker Hughes
Completions: Sand Control
Keeping sand at bay
Industry looks to new materials, integrated and intelligent solutions for deeper, multizone completions
by Joanne Liou, associate editor
Integrated sand control modeling aids GOM multizone frac-pack
by Hong Zhu, Kevin Joseph and Peter Chok, Baker Hughes
Regional Focus: Mediterranean
Stabilizing activity ushers positive outlook for Mediterranean
by Katie Mazerov, contributing editor
IADC Connection
Guest Editorial: NSOAF audit finds that interfacing, bridging processes lack clarity in North Sea
by Steve Walker, Chairman of North Sea Offshore Authorities Forum
News Cuttings
Drilling Ahead: When bad things happen to good teams
by Linda Hsieh, managing editor
D&C News
D&C Tech Digest
HSE&T Corner: Management must lead way to culture of commitment, not of compliance
by Lauren Wolfson, editorial assistant
People, Companies and Products
Perspectives: Cason Swindle, WCI – Impact of well control performance reverberates around the world
by Lauren Wolfson, Editorial Assistant

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