July/August 2023

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Digital Transformation
Digitalization pushes rig alarm, alert systems into the next frontier
Drillers are increasingly using AI, machine learning, computer vision to notify personnel of performance limiters, keep rig crews safe
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Sensor advances enhance data accuracy, drive more automated workflows
Industry finding innovative ways to improve data collection for applications like rig equipment monitoring and flow measurements while prolonging sensor durability in harsh environments
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Eni pilots software mapping emissions, fuel use to specific activities
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Chevron leverages smart alarms, multidisciplinary staff at support center to monitor process safety, develop fit-for-purpose solutions
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
MIT-led project incorporates hard-to-measure data to develop digital twin for drilling risers
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Supercomputers and CCS key to Petrobras’ efforts to build a low-carbon energy ecosystem
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Oilfield Water Management
Industry builds circular water economy as it leans into recycling and reuse
Water management companies investing heavily in treatment technologies and transport infrastructure as E&Ps continue to shift away from disposal wells, reduce reliance on freshwater
By Stephen Forrester, Contributor
Geothermal Drilling
New ‘walking’ tool anchors the bit to the rock, aims to mitigate stick/slip by preventing buildup of reactive torque downhole
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
Innovations in Deepwater
OTC panel: Deepwater’s low-cost, low-emission profile to keep it competitive in coming decades
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
IADC Connection
From the President: Our members make the industry an exceptional global community
By Jason McFarland, IADC President
News Cuttings


Drilling Ahead: To bust the asymptote, industry may have to fundamentally redefine safety
By Linda Hsieh, Editor & Publisher
D&C News

D&C Tech Digest

News Briefs: Environmental, Social and Governance

Oil & Gas Markets

HSE&T Corner: Great Crew Change 2.0 – Better job-site engagement, competency assurance programs help to keep short-service employees safe
By Jessica Whiteside, Contributor
People, Companies and Products


Perspectives: Robert van Kuilenburg, Noble – Innovative thinking can push drilling into new frontiers
By Stephen Whitfield, Associate Editor
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