VPD Video – “Opportunities and Challenges to Improve Integration and Efficiency Among Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service Companies”

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Original Air Date: 26 April 2023 @ 8:00 Houston (GMT-5)

In This Virtual Panel Discussion:

As the offshore rig market continues to heat up after a multi-year down cycle, companies are facing myriad challenges around project deliveries, rig mobilizations and startups, supply chains, and workforce recruiting and retention. At the same time, an evolution is ongoing around how operators, drilling contractors and service companies work together. Especially as operators seek to work with fewer vendors, the role of the drilling contractor is rapidly changing, to serve not simply as a rig provider but the central focal point of multiple service deliveries at the wellsite. What are the challenges each stakeholder faces in this evolution, and how can they work together amid this market shift to maximize opportunities for value creation and efficiency improvements?

On 26 April, 8:00 CDT, Drilling Contractor hosted a live Virtual Panel Discussion, sponsored by Weatherford, to explore these topics.


Alexander Concha, Global Account VP for Rig Contractors & OFS, Weatherford
Chris Scarborough, P&O Wells Advisor – Well Control, BP
Jean-Paul Buisine, Director – Technical Sourcing & Fleet Integrity Planning, Transocean
Linda Hsieh, IADC/Drilling Contractor Editor & Publisher (moderator)

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