VPD Registration – “Improving Fuel Efficiency and Meeting ESG Goals in Land Drilling Operations”

In This Virtual Panel Discussion:

Amid the current challenging environment for land drilling operations, drilling contractors have an opportunity to position themselves for success in the next upturn, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency and demonstrating leadership in ESG. On 9 December, IADC Drilling Contractor will host a virtual panel discussion examining the challenges that land drillers face today and the potential that can be realized in terms of fuel efficiency as they consider reactivating stacked rigs amid increasing ESG requirements from operators and other stakeholders.

Some of the key topics we will explore in this session include:

  • The steps onshore drilling contractors can take with stacked rigs to make sure they are more efficient when demand picks up and those rigs are reactivated;
  • The impact fuel-efficient rigs have on safety, as well as their impact on driller and operator CAPEX;
  • The systems available to lower a rig’s carbon emissions; and
  • The potential of using battery power to improve a rig’s fuel efficiency.



Dave Bosco
Maximilian Trombitas
Juan Perez
Linda Hsieh








Air Dates:

DC will be offering two different air times for this virtual session to accommodate viewers in different parts of the world. The first airing will be 10:00 Dubai (GMT+04.00), and the second airing will be at 09.00 Houston (GMT-06.00). To receive the link and passcode to view this VPD, each viewer must register individually.

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