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Download the 2009 IADC Membership Directory rate information (PDF format)

General Info
The 2009 IADC Membership Directory is the definitive guide to the global drilling industry and your opportunity to connect with the global wellsite industry—rig owners both land and offshore and the oil companies they serve.

IADC, the International Association of Drilling Contractors, is the only industry trade association with international scope among drilling contractors, oil companies and service firms alike. Accordingly, the 2009 IADC Membership Directory has matured into an indispensable global reference of key operators, contractors, drilling rigs, suppliers and services for the full year of its useful life.

The IADC Membership Directory puts your marketing message in the hands of 5,000 drilling and producing executives. If you do business with the worldwide rig fleet, the 2009 IADC Membership Directory is an outstanding advertising value. It is also an excellent way to highlight your company’s support for IADC’s initiatives in government affairs, HSE, well control, technology and more. And Directory advertisers get the main part of their regular IADC membership listing printed in bold at no extra charge. (Companies must be IADC members to receive the bold listing.)

The IADC Membership Directory will be published in April and enjoy bonus distribution at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference, 4-7 May in Houston.

The 2009 IADC Membership Directory closes 16 March. Materials are due 7 April. To reserve space, call the sales office
near you.

Rate Information
Tabbed Section dividers boost ad visibility economically!

Increase the visibility of your firm’s advertisement this year in the 2009 Directory by reserving a tabbed section divider. Each of the Directory’s 3 major sections­—listings of contractors, producers and associates—will be introduced by a tabbed, heavy-stock divider. Additional tabs are available for the contractor headquarters and rig locations, products and services, and the general index sections. Hurry! Spots are limited!

Right of first refusal applies to divider-page advertisers in the 2008 IADC Directory.

Advertising Rates
4/Color B&W
2-Page Spread 10,200 —
Back Cover 5,960 —
Inside Front Cover
6,600 —
Tabbed Divider Page 6,500 —
1 Page 5,800 5,175
1/2 Island 3,850 3,225
1/2 Vertical or Horizontal 3,650 3,025
1/4 Page 2,150 1,525

Color Charges: 3rd and 4th colors an additional $625. 5th color available for an additional $300. No charge for 4 color on 2-page spreads, back/inside-front covers or tabbed divider pages.

Bold Listings: For IADC-member companies, advertisement purchase includes bold-face listing of Directory headquarters address and contact numbers.

Agency Commission: 15% to recognized agencies on gross billing on space, color, cover or special position.

Cash Discount: 2% net after agency commission if paid within 15 days from date of invoice.

Mechanical Requirements: Ad sizes and other mechanical requirements are identical to those of Drilling Contractor.

2009 Directory Listings (PDF)
The Directory is printed and updated once per year. The PDF files below represent the electronic version of the printed directory.

Users are welcome to download IADC’s Membership Directory as a reference source to the drilling industry. However, it is a violation of IADC’s copyright to transcribe the IADC membership data for purpose of direct mailing, e-broadcasts or other marketing purposes not expressly approved by IADC.

The print version of our complete directory can be purchased online. Click here for details.

The PDF files below represent the sections of the 2009 directory. Click on a link below to download an individual section.

Alphabetical Listing of Contractor Members (896K)

Alphabetical Listing of Producer Members (126K)

Alphabetical Listing of Associate Members (743K)

Products and Services Provided by IADC Associate Members (603K)

Headquarters Locations of IADC Contractor Members (361K)

IADC Global Rig Finder IADC Contractors with rigs in various drilling markets (696K)

Statistics about IADC membership and rig ownership (165K)

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