Why do people dress up as different characters?

Cosplay - what is it

Today we propose to discuss the topic: "cosplay what it is, types, how to make. Here is a collection of information that fully discloses the topic and allows you to draw the right conclusions.

Many people may recall such a quirky tradition as dressing up in carnival and holiday costumes for various celebrations. New Year's Eve, birthdays, weddings, All Saints Day and other holidays involve different outfits that are not worn on weekdays.

Those who become interested in this trend will be interested to know how to make it. What is cosplay? This is a direction where people of different ages dress up in the costumes of their favorite characters. It is a kind of return to childhood, when you could play different roles that you like. So, an adult can live the life of their favorite character all day long, because cosplay involves: The attire of the character the person is portraying. His demeanor and slang. The lifestyle of the character, such as from Destiny merchandise. The presence of enemies, like the character. The goals, desires, or focus of the activity as the character. Cosplay involves reincarnation, where people become their favorite heroes or villains and begin to live their lives. It is similar to a festival or carnival. The emergence of cosplay can be called an attempt to bring back childhood - carefree, colorful, heroic. A person of any age can briefly give up his troubled life and begin to live it the way he would like to live it. If this life is personified by some famous hero, then it can be completely copied.

Why do adults miss the old days when they were little? Many will answer that it's all about being carefree and not being burdened with the things that adults are preoccupied with. And this is true. However, in addition to having problems to solve, adults also forget about how to have fun. And it is the fun that is so colorful in a person's memory.