Why Are PBN Services Being Punished?

Are you wondering what a Private Blog Network is? Well, it's an advanced blogging service that offers an assortment of benefits to those who sign up. A PBN Service is an individual or team offering one or more Private Blog Networks for website owners to join so that they can easily link back to their money making websites. However, this isn't one of the many questionable link building techniques that Google really frowns on.

So, pbn services is simply linking schemes in which Google makes it pretty apparent what it deems to be acceptable and unacceptable by its Webmaster guidelines. You'll find that there are a few instances where Google will penalize a PBN. For example, if you own a blog focused on a particular niche, you're probably going to want to focus your linking strategy to that specific niche. If your PBN service doesn't link to other relevant websites, this could potentially create a PR disaster for you and your specific niche. When Google sends a message to a blog owner to follow a specific link or not to follow a link, it wants to be as clear as possible what the consequences are.

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Is it a good idea to buy a private link to a network of blogs?

There are two basic ways that a PBN can be penalized. The first involves the use of domain names that aren't directly related to the content within the niche that are being promoted. For example, if your niche is golf, you could promote your PBN with the words' golf, ball, or whatever, but if your domain names include words that aren't golf related, Google will send you a warning. While this may not directly affect your rankings right now, it will in the future.

The second way a PBN service can be punished is by giving poor quality results. One of the biggest complaints about PBNs right now is that they have overly aggressive strategies for getting links pointing to their sites. While this can help with getting links to your website, if they're spending so much time trying to get unique content, they're going to hurt themselves. Google will recognize the PBN for the generic keyword it is and will send a penalty to its algorithm. If you're looking to improve your PBN ranking, you have to find a white hat SEO provider that will focus on providing quality unique content and not on trying to get all of the relevant links.

Some of the reasons that these PBN services are being punished are because they tried to do things differently than traditional SEO services. They had to work harder to get in front of Google's search engine algorithms. In addition, many of them tried to get quality content up on websites with links pointing to them. This strategy was considered an illegal act in some circles, but if you follow the rules of organic traffic more traditional SEO services are still trying to generate unique content so they shouldn't be punished.

The bottom line is that there are two types of PBNs. The one that I promote is the social media guest post strategy and the PBN that I use for my own websites. There are other PBN services out there, but the two strategies I use are what I consider the best overall. In my opinion, PBNs are great for building back links, and they can help you rank better in the major search engines.