Borderlands 2 Walkthrough Tips Highlands Side Missions

Torture chairs

Accept the mission from Tannis.You will need to collect all ECHO recorders marked on the map.The first one is behind Claptrap, on the shelf.The second can be found in the dumpster.Third to the right of the entrance to Moxxi's Restaurant.The fourth ECHO Registrar can be found at Zed's Clinic.

The last entry is at the entrance to the Scooter Workshop.After collecting all five, return to Tannis for the prize.

Clan War: First Place

Talk to Mick Zaford at The Holy Spirits to begin this mission.Follow him to the pub basement, grab four Zaford explosives and exit the pub.Use Fast Travel and move to the Dust location.Reach the race track and plant four IEDs at the designated locations on the bridge / ramp.

Now head back to the start of the bridge and climb the stairs to the viewpoints.Get rid of the operator that is there.

When he is dead, the race will begin.You need to wait until the three participating cars reach the bridge (or at least are nearby) and detonate the explosives.After that, return to Ellie to complete the mission.

Clan War: The End

The Echo Recorder, which you can find in the Highlands, will allow you to start this mission.Go down to the first floor and open the door to the left of the bar.Bagmny will enter through a door on the other side of the room.

Your task will follow him through the mine, remaining unnoticed.You do not need to see him all the time, since only one road leads to the goal, and it is impossible to lose him.Eventually you will reach the place where the money is kept.Kill Bagman and take his key.

To get additional experience points, you need to open 10 chests with money.Then walk up to the panel shown in the screenshot above and use it to open the exit path.Now return to Jimbo at Camp Walker to complete the mission.

Best Mother's Day Ever

There is a chance that one of the stalkers will drop Taggart's Gift for Mom after he is killed, raising which will activate this mission.I personally got it from a stalker killed while playing The Overlooked: Witch Doctor.

After you get the required item, drive to the Stalker nest in the northern part of the map.Kill six stalkers to lure Henry out.Since the enemy is surrounded by a shield, an elemental shock weapon is a good choice.Henry will occasionally summon slagged stalkers (use them for Second Wind) and teleport to restore his shield.

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