Only 78 newly registered problem gamblers in Macau in 2021

Only 78 newly registered problem gamblers in Macau in 2021

In Macau, the number of newly registered problem gamblers in 2021 has remained stable at a low level compared to the previous year. This is reported by local media citing official figures. For example, 78 residents of the gambling city were registered in the Central Register of Persons with Gambling Problems of the Social Welfare Department (IAS) last year, they said. However, the number of applications for self-exclusion from gambling to the relevant gambling authority had risen massively.

Only 78 newly registered problem gamblers in Macau

The gambling addiction rate in Macau remains low

As reported by business medium Macau Business, among others, the number of newly registered gambling addicts in Macau in 2021 is only one higher than in 2021, at 78. Compared to 2017, which had produced the newest registrations so far, at 157, this represents a significant improvement. This is also related to the knowledge of visitors of the Teen Patti rules.

With only a few dozen newly registered difficulty gamblers, the gambling city of Macau is at a conspicuously low level. The situation is different in its U.S. counterpart, Las Vegas. According to estimates, around 120,000 of the 3 million inhabitants of the state of Nevada are addicted to gambling. A large proportion of them live in the casino mecca.

An analysis of the current figures showed that 74% of those affected were men. This means that the gender gap among those affected has widened significantly. In 2017, men accounted for 65% of new registrations.

The study also found that gambling addiction was most prevalent among men between the ages of 30 and 39, at 31%. 49% of all new registrants were married, and 65% were employed. The remaining 35% were evenly split between retired and unemployed individuals.

Rise in player suspensions in Macau

While the number of Macau residents who sought help for gambling problems and thus found their way into the statistics had remained stable, there had been a significant increase in gambling exclusion.

In 2021, for example, 459 requests for self-exclusion from gambling had been received by the Macau Office of Gambling Inspection and Coordination (DICJ). This represented a significant increase of 65% compared to the previous year, he said.

A further 85 times, third parties had requested the exclusion of a family member. This means that relatives had acted three times as often as in 2020.

A player ban in Macau must be approved by the director of the DICJ and is valid for a maximum of two years for selected or all gaming venues in the special administrative zone. In addition to the affected persons themselves, third parties also have the option of having relatives barred from gambling. Eligible for this are spouses and relatives in the ascending or descending line, as well as family members up to the second degree of kinship.

Rise in player suspensions in Macau

According to the website, the very low overall number of registered gambling addicts in Macao last year is probably due not least to the pandemic-related restrictions on gambling opportunities. According to observers, it is currently impossible to estimate how the numbers will develop as the market eases.