10 Glittering Christmas Table Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Fill your Christmas table with glittering decorations this year for a memorable holiday feast. Create your own red apple glass-holders, poetry scrolls, and glittering festive menus. Dress your wine glasses in jingle bells and use leftover Thanksgiving pumpkins to create shimmering serving bowls. All ten glittering Christmas table decorations are easy and cheap to make, and sure to be a great addition to your Christmas decorations.

If you want to get serious about decorating your home for Christmas with glitter, we recommend buying mica powder for resin.


Tie silk holly around the stem of each wine glass, twirling it all the way down to the bottom. Leave the orb of the glass free of Christmas decoration, not to interfere with raising the glass. Next, attach a Christmas jingle bell to the holly, to create a festive jingling sound when your guests raise a toast.


Turn simple drinking glasses into festive goblets. Simply hollow out a large red apple for each place setting, then slip a tall drinking glass firmly inside. Level the bottom of the apple so the glass doesn't wobble. Next take silk branches of holly, which you can buy at your local craft store. Spray paint them lightly with silver spray paint, just enough to add glitter to some of the leaves. Then twirl the holly around the apple for a stunning Christmas table decoration.


Instead of Christmas crackers, try Christmas poetry scrolls this year. Just print a witty, rhyming Christmas poem on an aged sheet of paper, then roll it and tie with silk holly ornamented with Christmas jingle bell. Here's your chance to give each person the perfect poem. Kids will love easy to read Christmas jokes, adults will love witty rhymes. Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions for creating your own unique Christmas poetry scrolls.


Create a stunning candelabra centerpiece for your Christmas table from an assortment of all candle sticks. It's easy to do. Simply paint your old candlesticks with silver spray paint. Next, take an old plastic tray and spray paint it to match. Once everything is dry, arrange your silver candlesticks on the silver tray by order of height, with the tallest at the center, and the shorter ones cascading around it. Twirl silk holly around and between the candlesticks and choose extra long red and green taper candles.


Individual menus make perfect Christmas table decorations. Simply buy cheep 4x6 picture frames, one for each guest. Paint the frames with silver spray paint for a glittering effect. Then print out a menu for each frame using an elegant but easy to read font, like Monotype Corsiva. Be sure to include each guest's name at the top of the menu.


For a truly glittering Christmas table decoration, create your own glittering serving bowls. Simply use your leftover pumpkins from Thanksgiving. Paint them in silver spray painton the outside and line them with foil paper on the inside. Twirl silk holly around the pumpkin bowls, and don't forget to keep the pumpkin tops for lids.


Add a delicate Christmas scent to your Christmas table decorations by placing a small scented candle by each place setting. Simply buy small Christmas scented candles in glass jars for each guest. Next, remove any plastic wrappers from the glass jars, leaving the glass bare. Now with painter's tape, cover the top and bottom of the jar, leaving one strip of bare glass at the center. Paint this center strip with silver spray paint.Wrap silk holly around each small candle.


Imagine how beautiful your Christmas table decorations will look if you place every plate on a silver charger. Simply collect all your old, mis-matched plates and paint them with silver spray paint.It's easy and fun to do, and within minutes you will have an elegant backdrop for each place setting.


Create your own Christmas cloth napkins for a truly glamorous Christmas table decoration. Choose a stunning Christmas cloth at your local fabric store. Cut the fabric into large squares and hem the edges. Next, fold your Christmas napkins into Swans.

Even if you have never tried Origami before, you will find that this Christmas table decoration is easy and fun to make.


End your Christmas dinner with a healthy, colorful fruit salad served in individual, hollowed red apples instead of bowls. Use red and green fruit for a Christmas motif, and twirl silk holly around the apple bowls for added Christmas beauty. Serve on plates ornamented with silver Christmas jingle bells.

Author: lrisy.com