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Yaremche - a paradise for tourists

Yaremche - a paradise for tourists
In the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine in the vast landscapes of nature there is a resort town called Yaremche. It is considered lowland. Above the sea, it rises just 585 meters. The city is famous for waterfalls, architectural structures, stunning places and many other attractions that will not leave any guest indifferent.
The resort Yaremche is spread out in a splendid area at the bank of the Prut River, and the tourist’s sight delights. Thousands of holidaymakers from different parts of Ukraine, but also all countries come to this area every year in order to breathe the pure mountain air, taste the bliss of indescribable nature, experience the culinary delights of the Hutsul cuisine, look at the local natural surroundings, religious buildings, and also visit in old churches and chapels.
What should a tourist visit in the picturesque Yaremche region?
First you need to visit the waterfall Probiy, whose waters fall down in the most beautiful cascades. This creation of nature is considered to be Yaremche's calling card. Strong streams of water, boil over stones of stones with a strong noise and fall down from a height of eight meters, which makes a person stop, distract from his thoughts and just enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery. A pedestrian bridge built above the souvenir market leads to the Probiy Falls. Thanks to him, visitors of the city without obstacles can watch such a miracle of nature. It is also possible to get to the left bank of the Prut through the toll cableway, which leads from the Waterfall Proby to the Javorik Ridge. Having been in this place, you can take with you a lot of beautiful photos made against the backdrop of a waterfall in traditional Hutsul costumes, as well as a sea of ​​emotions and impressions.
A few dozen meters from the waterfall Probiy, there is a well-known souvenir market in Western Ukraine. The waterfall is the finishing point of the Uraftingists, whose route is more than 40 km. When the water level in the river is high enough, the brave people decide to descend from Varkhot in Yaremche by canoe.
Yaremche is beautiful for its nature, waterfalls, warm and hospitable attitude of the locals to their visitors. Such a welcoming atmosphere will make every tourist think about coming here more than once. And all in order to feel the warm atmosphere in the city and take with you pleasant memories. Kizi games play online at this www.kizigamesxl.com website.

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