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What to wear this fall: collection of tips

What to wear this fall: collection of tips
A characteristic feature of fall-winter fashion 2019-2020 is the ability of any woman to choose things and shoes for herself, since this season's fashion is distinguished by a variety of styles, colors and styles. You can read more about it in the collection " My training manual" http://www.metodichka.org/index/vestnik_obrazovanija/0-69 or other publications on this topic.

In all of you, darling, nice outfits!

Fashion trends autumn 2019 offer our lovely ladies retro styles of the 40s and 70s, that is, vintage and neo puzzle - a combination of different styles, textures, colors and fabrics in one fashionable costume.

This season, fashionable dresses in 2019 will not leave indifferent any woman, as fashion autumn-winter 2019 is fitted knitted, knitted dresses and cashmere dresses with long or short sleeves, resembling an hourglass in shape. As an accessory for such a dress, a thin leather or velvet strap that underlines the waistline is recommended. In general, the length of the products is up to the knees, although midi and maxi are not excluded.

Pullovers are becoming fashionable, soft warm sweaters, v-neck tunics that can be worn with thin woolen tights or pants are still fashionable.

As I said, the fashion autumn-winter 2019 is marked by a novelty - neo-puzzle style. Perhaps a combination of seemingly incompatible, for example, romantic dress with a more "rude" simple sweater. And believe me, this is much more interesting than solving the question "how to choose a wallpaper for your home".

As fashion trends in clothing - deliberate androgyny, that is, things that simultaneously emphasize both female and male qualities. Suppose you pick up a classic business trouser suit, rather, resembling a male, and to it - a flirty vintage-style blouse with ruffles or frill.

In addition, the fashion trends in autumn 2019 also welcome fetishism, folds and frills, prints, "zoological" style, fur, leather, layering and excess texture in clothing. All sorts of coats, wide cropped trousers and voluminous jackets will be fashionable.

When choosing colors, women's clothing designers are advised to prefer white, black, gray, brown, beige, red, or muted tones.

From men's shoes to boots "Cossack"

Fashionable dress 2019 is not all that awaits us in the new season. The fact is that footwear autumn 2019 is no less diverse. What will appear or has already appeared on the shelves of shoe stores? Retro style touched and shoes fall 2019. Designers offer women to wear shoes made in the men's style, shoes and boots with a narrowed toe, patent leather shoes, ankle boots from velvet, boots "Cossack" with ankle to ankle, suede shoes with low square heels, shoes on a solid platform, a combination of stilettos with a platform on the toe.

The main trend of the shoes autumn 2019 - a classic. Nevertheless, many models still welcome straps and cords, and the & quot; lace & quot; trends. New in the color scheme - block colors. Some models of shoes are decorated with fur inserts (last year's hit). Boots and ankle boots made of suede are mainly powdery, beige and brown shades, and retro models are made in red shades.

Fashionable shoes will be made of python leather - red, maroon, emerald, pistachio, dark blue, purple, yellow.

In short, the fashion autumn-winter 2019 will not let us be bored, as it is full of surprises, pleasant surprises and experiments.

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