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In the spotlight - grassroots team

In the spotlight - grassroots team
When the board of the Serpukhov District Hunters Society summed up the work of the primary hunting teams over the past year, it turned out that the activities of many of them were not related to solving the main tasks facing the society.

It was held in isolation from the tasks of game reproduction, it was not aimed at the systematic and widespread destruction of feathered predators. The teams did not control the surrender of hunters fur. Explanatory work among the population about respect for the riches of living nature was conducted poorly. And the board of the society itself was convinced that it was not specific in the management of the collectives: it did not determine the indicators for putting furs, shooting birds of prey and reproduction of Game. Meanwhile, life has shown that such tasks should be planned for each hunter.

In 1957, the Serpukhov Hunting Society did not fulfill the fur harvesting plan. Of the total number of hares, foxes and martens that were shot by hunters, only 20 percent of the skins were put into the depot. Where are the others? Many hunters simply threw in hare pelts, as the bailiff paid very little for them.

That year, the regional society of hunters carried out extensive work on the breeding of the gray partridge. But the released pits were prey to feathered predators. The mistake was that only predators were shooting these predators without the participation of members of society; 800 Serpukhov hunters shot only 9G of harmful birds of prey for the whole year.

The board of the company outlined a number of measures to raise the work of grassroots teams to a new level.

Life requires the involvement of all lonely hunters in groups, familiarizing them with the work of society. And we set the task for the teams, projecting their growth by 10 percent over the course of the year. It was decided to admit new members only through the primary organizations of the society. Applications for new entrants are reviewed by bureau teams. If the decision is positive, then the entrant will have a 10–15-day period to prepare for the delivery of the hunt minimum.

Offsets are taken by the commission at the hunting units. On the basis of the decision of the bureau of the collective and the commission, the applicant, having paid the required contributions, receives a hunting ticket to the board of the company. Young people under the age of 17, as a rule, are accepted as members of the society after graduation from the school of young hunters, which, under the Serpukhov society, annually recruit students.

Then the board worked out tasks for every hunter - member of society for 1958. During the year, a city hunter must shoot one, and a rural hunter - three feathered predators, pass furs - a city for 25 rubles, and a rural - for 35 rubles. The tasks for the primary collectives also provide for the organization and maintenance of the order of solonets and feeding platforms.

The requirements to collectives on organizational and mass work are just as specific: conversations with the population, preparation of stand shooters, collective hunting trips. To combat poaching, it is established, depending on the number of hunters in a team, how many individual and group rounds should be made.

For participation in events for the reproduction of game, certain rounds of hunting are assigned to collectives. The hunters involved in this work are obliged to listen to a series of lectures, which, according to a special program, are taught at the Serpukhov Hunting Club by researchers from the Oka State Reserve.

In an effort to interest grassroots groups in this work, the company's board announced a competition for the best grassroots collective in 1958. The terms and conditions of the competition stipulate that only those teams that fully fulfill their control tasks participate in the competition.

A scoring system was developed for evaluating various activities carried out by teams in order to exceed the assigned tasks. For example, 30 points are awarded for shooting a single wolf, 5 points for destroying a sparrowhawk, goshawk, marsh moon, 2 a lecture-conversation with the population - 5 points.

The teams that took the first three places in the competition are awarded with diplomas and are rewarded.

Surveying the work of the hunting teams of the Serpukhov region in the first half of the year, it should be noted that the eye has considerably revived. This shows that the correct way has been found for raising all the activities of the district hunting society to address the root issues of hunting organization with the widest participation of community members. מאגר שירותי ליווי טובים ביותר

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