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Universities of Holland - ratings

Universities of Holland - ratings
This is not about universities, but about institutions of higher education in the Netherlands as a whole. Higher education institutions are divided into two types according to their focus: higher vocational schools - institutes (45 schools and 350,000 students) and universities (13 state universities and 5 private ones with 215,000 students). And there, and there the training lasts 4 years. The main difference is that universities train theorists, that is, future scientists, and high schools - practitioners. These are quite obvious things that become clear after more or less careful study of the education system of the Netherlands. I will write today a little about something else.
The topic was inspired by a small conversation with my supervisor, which occurred a few days ago. I do not remember what the conversation was about, but I clearly remember that about one company that our company absorbed for several years, he said: “In order to get a good position there, you had to have at least Delft.”
That is, roughly speaking. if you do not have a prestigious education - is free. And now, as a person who is keenly interested in education in Holland, I was tormented by the question of what is the rating of my university, and in general, what is the rating of the rest of the more or less large universities of Holland.
On the vskidku I remembered two names at once: the University of Delft and the University of Leiden, two more surfaced a little later: the University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen. There are at least four high-profile university brands for 15 million people in the Netherlands.
I managed to find at least four universities in the top 100 universities of the world compiled by the TopUniversities website: University of Amsterdam (56), University of Leiden (82), University of Utrecht (83) and Erasmus University in Rotterdam (99). The same universities, plus the University of Twente, are located in the first hundred European universities. At the same time, the Delft University of Technology is ranked 13th among the best technical and engineering universities, right there, in the first hundred, is also the University of Eindhoven.
It is great that the universities of the Netherlands occupy leading places in the world rankings, but it would be equally interesting to see the ranking of exclusively Dutch universities, and the rating of their English-language programs - this is the most interesting for foreign students. Searches were quite difficult, and it took a lot of time before I managed to find more or less relevant information on this issue. The Keuzegids portal annually assesses Dutch universities and institutions as a whole, as well as their programs, however, the results of such studies are available only for money. I managed to find only a few tables from this source - they are in Dutch, but the general criteria are quite understandable.
20 best university programs
The underlining is not mine - I took it from the site of this university. In the first place by the number of the most popular specialties - Wagenigen University. The trick is that most of these specialties are taught in Dutch, and this statistic has only a reference character and shows the general level of university programs: the best, excellent, normal, etc.
Below is a similar table for higher vocational schools - the evaluation criteria are common here: the number of groups, the quality of the training program, the level of those who passed the exams and successfully completed the training. True, the statistics are not very fresh - for 2009.
The best higher professional schools of 2009.
The higher vocational school that I chose was in eighth place in this ranking. Their website states that this year the university was ranked second among medium-sized institutions of higher education. Источник Superomatic казино

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