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Treatment is Right for You?

Treatment is Right for You?

Which Treatment is Right for You?
classic ed pack Over The Counter Viagra cialis levitra Choosing the right drug treatment for ED is up to you. Consult your doctor to find the best working medicine that will help you live a happy sexual life and cope with erectile dysfunction problems. Also, you can order a trial ED pack which contains 4-10 pills of all three drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). Find out more information on ED packs here.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is a term, usually referred to as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is defined as occasional or permanent inability to get or maintain erection hard and long enough to complete a sexual intercourse. The difference between impotence and Erectile Dysfunction is that impotence also refers to problems with reproduction, as well as problems with orgasm, ejaculation and sexual desire. Erectile dysfunction does not describe those problems, but instead, is used to describe problems with the hardness and firmness of erection, as well as ability to receive it.

Erectile dysfunction is:

Complete inability to have an erection;
Inconsistent ability to achieve an erection;
Ability to have short-term erections.

What is Erection?
Men's penis consists of two chambers, which are filled with sponge-like tissue – corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum, which go along the entire length of the penis. They are surrounded by tunica albuginea, a membrane. The sponge-like tissue is filled with fibrous tissues, veins, arteries, smooth muscles and spaces. Urethra runs along the penis in the underside of corpora cavernosa and is used as a channel for both urine and ejaculation. Urethra is covered with corpus spongiosum.

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