The profession of checker: an example resume

A ""healthy"" marketplace must include a competitive component. Product quality is one of the main tools for surviving in a competitive environment. Every production has a person or group of people who control the level of the final product. The tools and required knowledge of the controller depend on the field of activity. That said, it is possible to identify common responsibilities for most members of the profession:

  • Conducting regular inspections of production products;
  • comparing the final product with GOSTs and declared characteristics;
  • drawing up special documentation if a defect or defect is detected;
  • identifying the causes of production failure;
  • development and implementation of preventive measures.

It is not necessary to have higher specialized education to occupy the position of a controller. Quite often this position is filled by experienced workers who are familiar with the process and technologies of production. A college degree may be required if one wishes to assume a management position.

Requirements for a Controller

The controller must have an excellent understanding of the product and production technology, knowledge of GOSTs and the required standards for the product being tested. He is one of the main controlling instances and is responsible for the quality of the products coming to the market. To work in the position of inspector it is necessary to have the following qualities and skills:

  • attentiveness;
  • good eyesight;
  • integrity;
  • responsibility;
  • ability to work with special measuring tools;
    communication skills;
  • ability to quickly detect causes of defects or faults;
  • ability to read drawings and work with related documentation.

Job Search

The salary and Conditions of employment for a supervisor depend greatly on the organization in which he or she works. Large manufacturing companies can provide competitive pay and comfortable working conditions.

Supervisors can develop in their positions by rising through the ranks. Graduates from specialized schools start out as an assistant or intern. The pinnacle of a career can be the position of department head.

Supervisor jobs with different sets of requirements appear regularly on job placement resources. A job can be found by both a novice and an experienced comptroller. It is important to understand that one of the basic principles of successful employment is to send a resume checker promptly. It is this document that first comes to the attention of an employee of the personnel department. Often the vacancy is closed in a few days. It is important to get among those applicants who are the first to send their resumes.