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Barcelona City Tours

Barcelona City Tours
Barcelona is the oldest city with more than 2 thousand years of history. Every year, the capital of Catalonia is visited by 6-8 million guests. And each of them finds interesting routes for themselves. Some people are attracted to local beaches, someone is interested in temple architecture, someone gets acquainted with the history of the city.
But there is a special category among the guests of Barcelona - sports fans. After all, every year there is a mass of sports competitions of the continental and world level. This stage of Formula 1 racing, and the Barcelona World Race regatta, and one of the most famous competitions in the world in show jumping CSIO Barcelona and many others. And the Barcelona football club is an annual member of the European Champions League, hosting the continental football giants. For all these events is characterized by indescribable atmosphere of a sports festival. Many tournaments have their own history, their memorable dates and, of course, their sights.
Organized groups of sports fans, arriving in Barcelona https://photosfortag.com/htag/barcelona, ​​are interested not only in the tournament they attended, but also in other interesting places from their point of view of the city. And for them, travel agencies organize their excursions.
On the route of such "sports excursions" are, as a rule, the largest sports facilities in Barcelona. Starting an acquaintance with Barcelona sports can be done, for example, from the home stadium of the eponymous sports club - the handsome Camp Nou. It is located in the urban area of ​​Les Corts. This is the largest stadium in Europe with a capacity of almost 100 thousand spectators.
After visiting Camp Nou, most of the tourist sport routes follow to the Olympic Stadium. Despite the fact that it was commissioned in 1927, the stadium was reconstructed for the 1992 Olympics and hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. The stadium itself is located on the territory of the Olympic Park. This is a huge sports complex, united under the common name. By the way, tourists love to visit the alley with concrete traces of famous athletes who participated in the 1992 Olympics.
Another important site located on the “Barcelona Sports Route” is the Olympic Games and Sports Museum, also located on the territory of the Olympic Park. Here is an extensive exhibition that tells about the holding of the 1992 Olympics and about famous athletes whose performances are somehow connected with Barcelona.
This is only a small part of the "sports Barcelona", which is accessible to tourists. In order to get acquainted with the sports history and infrastructure of the Catalan capital, it will take more than one day.

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