Sapar Karyagdyyev: Gamingtec can provide many solutions for the media entertainment niche

Sapar Karyagdyyev
CEO of Gamingtec Sapar Karyagdyyev shares his vision of the specifics of a full turnkey solution and reveals a secret of creating a thriving online business in cooperation with a platform provider. The expert also tells about other ways how a company — a partner of Gamingtec — can benefit in the media entertainment market.

Today, the iGaming industry is replete with platform providers. And, before starting cooperation with them, it is important to understand how the services of one company differ from another one. After all, in order to build a successful business, one needs to thoroughly choose a potential partner.

As Sapar Karyagdyyev notes, when choosing a platform provider, it is necessary first of all to analyze how flexible and customizable a particular product is. At the moment, solutions of most platform providers do not differ much from one another. As a rule, they provide similar content developed by the largest representatives of the gaming industry, a basic set of payment methods, and several website design templates. In this case, the customer gets a website that practically does not differ from those that have already been created by the platform provider. Moreover, there can be dozens of such sites. You have to admit that it is unlikely that such a business will be of interest to a large number of customers, that it will flourish and scale. Most likely, it will be incredibly difficult to achieve a unique result completely different from dozens of lookalikes, and, therefore, one cannot count on the business sustainability.

This is the reason why the Gamingtec team focuses as much as possible on customizing their product. They thoroughly work on creating a unique design, they tell their B2B partner how to use various tools and methods of gamification. When developing a product, Gamingtec team puts emphasis on quality solutions in order to increase their competitiveness and attractiveness to end-users. With this unique approach, business owners have more opportunities to attract and increase a loyal base, as well as create a dominant brand that will take its rightful place in the media entertainment niche.

According to the expert, a distinctive feature of the company's platform is the versatility that allows it to be used in different markets. The company is ready to provide solutions that will correspond to the specifics of any market where the customer operates. As a rule, any market, regardless of whether it is subject to local peculiarities or not, has its own regulations, according to which game limits and a bonus policy are imposed. In addition, there are other restrictions and peculiarities in each market that should be considered. It is also important to understand that it is somewhat more difficult to operate in regulated markets. There are regulations that protect large companies already existing in the market that make it more difficult for newcomers to reach the top. For instance, in Spain, new restrictions, regulating advertising and bonuses will be imposed in May. These actions are taken to protect customers. But at the same time, these restrictions could slow down the development of locally regulated companies, as well as increase customer acquisition costs and pressure on SME operators.

In the opinion of Sapar Karyagdyyev, turnkey solutions are optimal for customers with extensive experience in how to attract customers and carry out online transactions. With the turnkey setup, all technical work can be outsourced to focus on attracting new customers and scaling the business. The full turnkey product includes any options that an operator may need to start operating. Thus, the product is provided to the customer with a ready-made unique design, integrated payment systems and top games. In addition, the platform provides their partners  with full support, and their marketing specialists are always ready to provide advice. Gamingtec partners need to bring their license, well-considered and competitive marketing strategy, and reasonable budget. That is, Gamingtec provides assistance to their clients and helps them build their own business.

Why are all of the above-mentioned aspects so important to Gamingtec team? According to Sapar Karyagdyyev, the success, as well as  the profit of Gamingtec are directly proportional to the success and income of their partners. Such a mutually beneficial partnership is ideal for developing a media entertainment market where each of the parties can benefit from it.