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The role of socialization in the education of children

The role of socialization in the education of children
In order to determine the role of socialization in the development and development of the child's personality, it is necessary to deal with this concept. So, socialization is the process of assimilating the norms and rules adopted in society, as well as folk traditions. It is an endless process that starts from the moment of birth and lasts a lifetime. However, the most important stage is in the preschool age.
Socialization and upbringing of children of preschool age are two important and indissoluble processes. After all, education is also one of the parts of the formation of a personality. It is a purposeful process aimed at the transfer of knowledge, principles, the norm of behavior from generation to generation.
Education is also an integral part of socialization. After all, for the successful development of the personality and the assimilation of the norms adopted in society, the child needs to communicate not only with parents, but also with peers and other adults, and even with younger children. In this way, communication with society is carried out comprehensively, adults can pass on knowledge and teach a child, with their peers the child works out and improves the acquisition of knowledge. And looking at younger children and communicating with them, he begins to transmit this knowledge. Thus, socialization is not only theoretically, but also practical, by personal trial and error.
Thus, socialization can not occur without education. Man can not live without society. And parenting helps communicate with other people.
The process of education begins as external, and ends as internal. Of course, in childhood the parents are brought up by the parents, then the teachers, they show the correct patterns of behavior. The child remembers and reproduces them, that is, carries out reproductive activity. At the same time, the child does not always understand why some actions are considered good, and others are bad. Such education will be called external.
In the process of growing up, the process of education, and awareness of the compliance of certain actions with ethical standards, is transferred to the person himself, which means that upbringing becomes self-education.
It is important for parents to remember that a child receives education not only as purposeful actions and explanations for him, but also spontaneously, simply by observing the surrounding reality. That is why it is important for parents to keep track of which company their child is in, with whom they communicate. After all, sometimes the child learns not the best qualities, and not desirable. It is very important for the child to assimilate different social roles, it is important for him to see them and implement them in life in the process of role-playing games.
It can be concluded that the education and socialization of the two processes are inextricably linked. In these processes it is possible to distinguish the main components, such as learning, maturing and adaptation of the personality. Download Hentai Games, Porn Games, PC https://pornova.org Best world collection Hentai games

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