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Let the first in the list will be Darsonval

Let the first in the list will be Darsonval
The famous Soviet actress Lyubov Orlova looked young and attractive to the end of her days, which caused a lot of surprise to her contemporaries.
The secret of such a long youth is simple: foreign cosmetics combined with plastic surgery and black and white cinema, perfectly concealing signs of fading. Against the background of early aging and rapidly losing the attractiveness of women, the famous film actress looked beautiful.
Indeed, simple Soviet workers from makeup tools were available only powder and lipstick of a bright red color, and from cosmetic procedures - manicure and hairdresser services. The desire to look attractive was condemned. In the fashion were completely different ideals of beauty.
Fortunately, those times are over. Today, any woman can afford to look young and attractive as long as she wants, even without resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon. To do this, rather regularly visit the beauty salon, entrusting the care of their appearance to professionals.
Sometimes the effect of the course of procedures is so good, and the time spent in the salons is so pleasant that there is a real dependence on spas, the benefit of which is hindered by the high cost of such services. But this problem can be partially solved by arranging a kind of beauty salon at home, after purchasing the necessary equipment.
The most simple and affordable are electric tongs and irons, with which you can easily make a fashionable hairstyle at home. More difficult is the situation with manicure and pedicure, but for these procedures you can purchase the necessary equipment, for example, a special bath or a set for removing dead skin residues.
Useful and ultrasonic toothbrush, the use of which allows the whitening of tooth enamel at home. But the first in this list should be a facial skin care device, which has proven itself in all beauty salons.
We are talking about darsonval 101 - a small device, in appearance resembling a regular hair dryer, the use of which allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate small inflammatory processes on the skin of the face, as well as wrinkles, swelling and redness. Darsonval gives good results and hair care.
Usually, ten minutes of using the device is enough to bring your appearance in order. The procedure itself is quite pleasant and does not require special preparation for its implementation. Darsonval can be used, for example, while watching television. The main thing is to buy it and use it regularly. לחץ כאן להזמנת נערות ליווי לביתך או מלון

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