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Walkthrough Timeshift - Mission: Infiltration II

Walkthrough Timeshift - Mission: Infiltration II

Enter this new area. Turn right and start moving forward. Very soon you will encounter a new group of enemy soldiers. Fortunately, there will not be too many of them. As soon as you reach a new area, kill the enemy sniper. It stands on a large balcony, which can be found on your left.

The second soldier will probably be standing in front of you. Try to kill him as soon as possible and from a greater distance. Collect ammo, especially for a machine gun. Now you have to go down to the pipes. This is the only passage leading to your current destination.

Keep moving forward. Here you will not meet enemy units, so you do not have to use any of the nearest objects for shelter. You will encounter an elevator, but you will not be allowed to use it. Instead, go to the next door. As soon as you find yourself inside, move straight. You will find a small staircase here. Use e 'and keep moving forward.

Your suit will probably tell you that this area is not safe. Go to the next room. There is only a passage here, so you really cannot get lost. As soon as you arrive at your destination, you will have to speak with an occupying soldier. He will warn you about the Guard. You cannot destroy it, so you will have to avoid its attacks. You will also receive a new mission goal.

New Mission Objective: Evade Sentry

This particular task will require you to use some features of your beta costume. You should not have any serious problems, but you must follow my exact instructions if you want to stay safe. Start by moving to the right. Get ready to launch. You will need to get to the new building, which is located on your right. There's a big hole in the wall. Use the temporary stop function to avoid being struck by the Sentinel.

You will probably run out of energy as soon as you get to this new building. This means that you must act quickly. You cannot stay in the open because you lose a lot of health points. Use the stairs to reach the top level. You also cannot stop here, because Sentinel is very powerful, and his weapon will destroy most of the surrounding walls. Take a closer look at the screen, because at this point you have to stop. Wait until your power level is replenished.

When you are ready, start moving to the upper level. This time you should use the slow motion function. Do not worry about exploding objects, because here you should not lose health. Just make sure that you do not make any unwanted stops, and you will be fine. Try to hide in one of the corners. You must be safe. Let your levels recover. Перед тем как зарегистрироваться и играть  стоит почитать отзывы об casino 1x slots от реальных людей, котрые уже играли в нем! 

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