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Come up with a former boy

Come up with a former boy
When I watched this film, I involuntarily remembered how adult uncles and aunts, who had gathered on the birthday of a seven-year-old man, behave. Most are moved by the way the kid recites Marshak or Chukovsky. Some torment the child with a sacramental question: “Who do you want to be?” Some guests group around their parents and, bored, listen to stories about the “exploits” of the hero of the day. Then a seven-year-old man is sent to sleep, and the adults themselves go back to the memories of their childhood years and, of course, about their own pranks. To each his own.

Directed by Jacob Segel in his new film “A Drop in the Sea”, he chose a more complicated path. His new job is a look at today's kids from the depths of his own childhood. It is not without reason that he and himself, and all other adults who helped create this cheerful and carefree film like childhood itself, calls it “former boys and girls”.

Many scenes involving adults are funny and cute. Funny crying young teacher. A retired, decrepit, but brave sailor, shaming a janitor for "exploiting child labor", causes a smile. The whole story of the cast iron, in which alternately stuck heads of a grandson, now of a grandmother, is well thought out and well-played.

However, you catch yourself thinking that sometimes “former boys and girls”, by the will of the playwright and director, are put in the pose of adults trying to regain a long-gone childhood. The figure of the headmaster is clumsily written out in the film. The original and sharply character actress 3. Fedorova, who plays this role, tries to comic in situations where, I think, Charlie Chaplin would resist. A little sugary parents Viti Sinitsyna.

And if we go further, dividing the performers of the film “A Drop in the Sea” into an adult and children's team, then it must be said that the latter wins with a clear advantage. J. Segel picked up surprisingly interesting kids. Vitya Sinitsyna, the hero of the picture, is played by Sasha Maslennikov, a completely independent, decisive and very handsome man. Children, of course, in general, without exception, are sweet and charming, but it takes some time to get a closer look, to guess something unique in the child, distinguishing him from the crowd of his peers. Therefore, unfortunately, it often happens that before the last frame the viewer confuses the characters - they are the same incubator. In the film by J. Segelya, every kid is seen through the eyes of an artist who understands and subtly feels the nature of childish immediacy.

Vitya Sinitsyna’s “first love” is remembered - Alla Kirkevich, a proud and graceful girl, played by Olya Kislyar, who has already mastered some of the techniques of female coquetry, which makes the girl both funny and appealing. But the real discovery of the director was five-year-old Olya Baidukina. Scenes with her participation - the decoration of the picture. The girl is not only elegant and reliable, but she is interesting by her character, she wants to talk with her, because before our eyes she is growing, an outstanding personality is developing. Yes, director J. Segel knows how to wonder himself and amaze others by observing our little fellow citizens.

Nevertheless, the film’s “children's team” sometimes has a hard time. Children are sometimes forced to pronounce heavy sentences. Somewhere where the lisping sentimentality, alien to the general tonality, sounds.

Built the film as a kind of review of children's morals. And due to the lack of a main plot rod, attention, at least the adult viewer, is scattered into details. This is, perhaps, the strength and weakness of the film: it is bright, direct, but a little confused.

However, all this does in no way overshadow its merits. However, the main and decisive word for the children's audience ...

The picture does not have, in my opinion, a clear address, and it cannot be given a subtitle - for children of one age or another, the small problems of “Drops in the sea”, it seems to me, are designed mainly for the youngest viewer. Therefore, I want to believe that the new work of the “former boy” J. Segel will be warmly welcomed by the children. electricians in my area

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