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Search engine promotion or contextual advertising?

Search engine promotion or contextual advertising?
The most common methods of website optimization are contextual advertising and search engine promotion. Combining both of these methods will allow you to attract a large audience to your resource as soon as possible and make it popular.
For example, you start selling some new product for which there is practically no search interest. That is, your product is potentially popular, but few people know about it and almost no one is looking for it through search engines. And then there is a need to reach out to potential consumers, using search engine website promotion or contextual advertising.
As soon as you can take the top positions in the results issued by the search engines for the queries, the following question will immediately come to your mind, how can you bite off an even bigger piece? Advertising on the Internet will help you get additional customers who are not keen on visiting search engines.
For example, if you are engaged in pizza delivery, then besides those who actively want to use this service, there are also people who have not even thought about this service, but now they may want to order pizza for the house. Moreover, this may occur at the time of reading contextual advertising, a person feels that he is hungry and wants to eat pizza.
If search promotion requires a significant investment from you, then advertising on Yandex or Google can be quite a profitable optimization method for you. Some requests often collect poor-quality audience. For example, you are a personnel agency that offers personal drivers, and some of the people who came to your site at the request of a “personal driver” or “personal driver” will be those who want to get a job and not use the services. But in the ad unit you can more specifically express your offer.
Thanks to advertising, you will be able to get users to your service much faster. Especially if you offer a product or service that is limited in time of action. An example would be last minute tours, perishable foods, seasonal goods and more.
If you do not have sufficient funds to promote the site through search engines, but you are ready to give a certain amount of money to attract visitors, then contextual advertising will be the best option for you. In this case, the effect may be the same as through the promotion of search engines, and even better. تحميل ومشاهدة أفلام سكس مصري و سكس عراقي و سكس يمني و سكس سعودي و سكس خليجي وكل مقاطع السكس العربي المتجدده. سكس عربي مغربي جزائري تونسي و كل فيديو جديد السكس العربي و الجنس الساخن و المثير مع احلى الفتيات العربيات

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