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Food layers. Part four

Food layers. Part four
In fact, all of our layers are not at all isolated or inert. They enter into various chemical reactions, interact and therefore provide living conditions that change almost indefinitely. Therefore, we do not see harmonious and together connected waves of life - they are constantly changing, overlapping and diverging. Only the most general, main sequence of large waves caused by environmental changes (eating of separate layers) should appear more or less clearly. Another thing - the question of progressive evolution. Whatever the diversity of conditions in the biosphere and no matter how many species of life are created, this does not indicate the path leading to the complication of individual organisms, the emergence of the nervous system, the creation of higher animals and humans.

According to the scheme, for example, a great wealth of species of simplest single-cell organisms can be formed. What could make them complicate naturally and accelerated? No matter how many food layers, with all their diversity, they can hardly differ from one another in complexity and do not require special complexity from parasitic organisms. Moreover, if the complexity of the layers increases, if the concentration of nutrients increases in them, then creatures more primitive than those from which they have come can live in such conditions. For feeding such layers no special abilities are required. It is known that animals, getting into a rich food environment, begin to degrade. A striking example is the intestinal parasites of animals and humans, which are highly regressed compared to the original forms. So, the enrichment of the living environment and hence the regression, the simplification of living beings? Not necessary. We know with what zeal natural selection tends to preserve the “norm” (a conservative function). This norm and in the achieved complexity of the organization. It is stored by genetic sets of cells not only of individual organisms, but also of populations (gene pool), which provides opportunities for various combinations of hereditary traits. Thanks to random mutations, cells with different hereditary traits will pass into the new food layer. On average, the level of organization should not seem to fall: after all, thanks to simplification, organisms can lose the ability to actively move, to & quot; remember, & quot; various situations, etc. In the process of competition, “less perfect forms” should be eliminated or at any rate recede into the background. In a word, there is usually no reason to reduce the level of difficulty achieved, and also to raise it. And so, when we seem to have already caught this elusive progress in our logical traps and were going to substantiate it in the cage of your scheme, it turned out that it disappeared. tr.lvivescort.com

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