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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup
Wedding makeup is an important part of the look, like a bridesmaid dress.

 It is not surprising that his choice of the bride devote so much time. And because the question of whether to do permanent makeup before the wedding, is becoming increasingly important. Moreover, modern beauty technologies allow it to be as natural as possible.

Qualified specialists can do a tattoo of the lips, eyebrows, eyelids, and the most experienced masters can also make a natural glow with the help of pigment.

A few years ago, permanent make-up technologies were such that the pigment was introduced quite deeply. As a result, the tattoo stayed for a long time, but the shades left much to be desired. Today it is mainly done with the help of substances of organic origin, and such permanent makeup looks much more natural.

However, it should be remembered that wedding makeup in any case can only be done by a master whom you completely trust. As for the permanent makeup, here the choice of a specialist should be given special attention. In the end, after a trial of ordinary makeup, you can change your mind, choose a different color of eye shadow or lipstick. Permanent makeup lasts for 2-6 years, depending on how concentrated the pigment was, as well as the depth of implantation. And if you remain dissatisfied with the result, you can remove the tattoo only using a special laser. The procedure is painless, but the sensation still leaves unpleasant, it is accompanied by a slight burning sensation.

 In addition, in order to completely remove the pigment, it will take several sessions.

It is also important to remember that permanent makeup can only be done if you have several months (at least two) at your disposal before the wedding. During this time, the skin will be restored, and you will be able to make sure that the result meets your expectations. Time is short? High-quality wedding makeup is also an excellent option, especially as an experienced professional will help make it resistant.

Experts advise in advance to think about what makeup you want to get in the end. But do not strive from the very beginning for cardinal transformations. Permanent makeup is a complex biochemical process. So, when painting the lips, it is important to remember that they have their own color. And the more intense it is, the more saturated will be the hue obtained after dyeing. So start with calmer colors. If you don’t like the result, adding brightness will be easier than muting an intense color. Riverside CA professional plumbers specializing in fixing all types of leaks, clogs, residential and commercial

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