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The transition of agricultural enterprises to new business conditions

The transition of agricultural enterprises to new business conditions
Unfortunately, this river (somewhere and a thin trickle) of material assistance with the transition to a new economic system is blocked by the dam of economic calculation. Schools are deprived of voluntary donations and not too voluntary alimony, which received in accordance with the Regulations on the basic enterprise. Formerly, where persuasion, where by coercion, party and government bodies still affected business executives, forcing them to invest in public education. True, some leaders, like Popkov, financed the school, driven by conscience, common sense, and an awareness of perspective, understanding the direct link between the quality of education of children and the future of the national economy. But you can not rely either on the order or on the conscience. And what to rely on if the Regulation on the Basic Enterprise or the Law on the State Enterprise, whose thirteenth article seems to legitimize spending on schools, but self-financing, turns them into a stone, hung with his own hands on his neck, does not work?

I arrived in Zastepinsky on the eve of the transition of agricultural enterprises of the region to new economic conditions and got to a meeting devoted to cost accounting. The director's speech was tough. He talked about school. With the numbers in his hands, he argued that the use of schoolchildren in the manual processing of fodder beet was inadmissible; it is bad and in the educational plan. What is the pedagogical impact of productive labor, giving nothing to the mind and heart of a child? Yes, and for the state farm fund - a loss, because the production rate for children is half reduced. Everything was going to give up such assistance to the state farm. And it was difficult to disagree with the director. Indeed, it is time to stop being touched, having seen a shovel or a chopper in the hands of a pupil, to recognize that organized is not more modern than under the tribal system, labor at a loss to the economy has little in common with true labor education. And this is his line Popkov not only defends, but also enforces.

... Even when you get accustomed to the fact that a lot of things are being done here with fiction and love, thinking about the future and taking care of the children, the view of the calf house that serves the student production team is still striking. The high, yellowing building is decorated with a color ornament. Cheerful calves are walking in neat corners. A small-eyed girl with a small sprout tells us that in the cattle-breeding unit she, from the fourth grade, counts. Of course, earlier only high school students were accepted, but many ran to the farm at least to have a look. She not only watched something and learned. And what exactly did you do? They fed calves, studied the principles of breeding, conducted experimental work. The wages went from the state farm fund for weight gain. True, at first the guys only helped adults, so the earnings were not quite “real”. This year, the schoolchildren themselves care for their group of calves from the beginning to the end.

However, although their earnings, but students are not very satisfied. Previously, they studied selection, were engaged in experimentation, now - mostly physical work, manual, tedious: distribution of fodder, cleaning of cells. There is no creative element in work, and this creates dissatisfaction. They say safety technology required these simplifications in the organization of child labor. There are instructions, a lengthy list of all kinds of prohibitions, maybe not always reasonable, because they were compiled, apparently, by people who did not know the specifics of the village. But breaking them for school principals and business executives is fraught with serious trouble. And the result? Serious losses, as it turns out now. Deprived the children of the opportunity to do what they wanted. בקרו באתר מדליק business-ladies.co.il להזמנת נערות ליווי בישראל

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