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Movie Reviews # 003

Movie Reviews # 003
1. Samira was supposed to get married. But she loved another person. Before the wedding, she is abducted by a hired man - Jay. He was paid by the girl's lover. But the customer was not a serious person. Soon his plans are changing. And the girl becomes the property of Jay. Who could do with her whatever he pleased.

I like this movie. Very interesting, funny. I liked the actors. Especially the main character. In general, a very interesting plot. And from the very beginning the film captured me. It was necessary to add a little more dynamics, then everything would be just perfect. And the ending let us down. I will not tell what happened. And so the film can put a solid "4".

2. The plot of the movie "Invisible" tells the story of Yuri Muravyov, who on the eve of the new year becomes completely invisible. Some kind of magical event occurs and this event affected Yuri, whom no one notices. Although even before this, few people noticed him, for he was an average static loser. In the end, the main character liked this turn of events, because he could easily start a new life, influence the fate of many people, and also have fun and have fun in full. Over time, he manages to get acquainted with other invisibles, which by the way turned out to be a lot. But in the end, Muravyov will understand that it is still more pleasant to be a visible person and therefore he will take all possible forces to return to his former appearance ...

In truth, the plot of the film "Invisible" is far from original and you can recall many more fascinating and interesting films, but what to do, he plagiarized at almost every step. But let's try to find the strengths of this film and one of these sides is humor, because there was a lot of it and the line of black humor was not crossed. It is also worth paying attention to the cast. The role of the protagonist went to the not-so-famous actor Ilya Lyubimov, but he got used to it well, and the game was cool. The role of Yuri's wife went to Ekaterina Guseva, who for the greater half of the film thought that her husband was just playing her. The memorable roles include the game of Gosha Kutsenko, who was supposedly a mentor for the main character in the "invisible" life. In general, the actors' play was at their best, but as it often happens in Russian cinema, the actors give their best, and the film is secondary ...

The film "Invisible" is still quite good and it contains a trivial story, however, each viewer will find here something that will make him laugh. Such films cannot be taken seriously and they are only suitable for raising the mood, but is it really bad? By the way in all states you can take loans, for this look here .

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