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Online sports betting: betting strategies, bookmaker rating, mobile betting

Online sports betting: betting strategies, bookmaker rating, mobile betting

Today the game in the bookmaker's office Parimatch - https://parimatch-betting24.in/ is available to everyone, the very process of betting on the match does not have anything complicated. Everything is as simple as creating a social network account. Another question is how to make winning bets on matches? To be more precise, the question is as follows: how to earn steadily in Parimatch, because everyone can win a few times, just betting at random.

In order to succeed in betting you must first of all know at least the basics of bookmaking: the principle of odds formation, the concept of margin, the movement of the line. Also, it is necessary to understand the features of types of bets, to use a strategy for managing the bankroll, to be able to control your emotions and, of course, to understand the sport.

To react to the changes in the world of sports it is important to keep abreast of sports news.

Types of online bets

When a person enters the site of a bookmaker's office for the first time, he chooses a sport of interest in the line, then finds the necessary tournament and, accordingly, the match. Having chosen a sporting event, the player sees a lot of incomprehensible signs and numbers - this is a table of bets on the match with the odds for each outcome. 

Let's consider the main types:

  • The main outcome is a bet on the victory of one of the participants in the match or a draw. P1 is the victory of the first team, X is a draw, P2 is the victory of the second participant. If you bet P1 in the Real-Valencia match, you need a win for the first team to win, that is, Real. With any other result (draw or Valencia win), the player loses.
  • Double chance is a bet on not losing one of the participants of a sporting event. 1X is not a loss for the first team, X2 is not a loss for the second team. There is also a third option, which is designated as 12 - the absence of a draw in a match. For example, you bet X2 in the game Spartak vs Zenit. You will win if the second team does not lose - a draw or a win for Zenit. You will only lose if Spartak wins.
  • Asian Handicap - betting on a win with a handicap. Handicap can have different values, with a handicap being plus, minus, as well as with 0. If we choose ф1( 1) in Monaco vs PSG, we need Monaco to win with a 1 handicap to win. Suppose the match ended with a score of 1-1. With a handicap the final score will be 2-1, it means the bet is played. Thus, the player will win if there is a draw or Monaco win. If PSG wins by exactly one goal, he will get his money back because the handicap will result in a draw. And you lose the bet only when PSG wins with a difference of 2 or more goals.
  • Total more/less is a bet on the number of goals in soccer (points in basketball, games in tennis and so on). Total is a certain number set by the bookmaker, and the player should predict, more or less than this value will be scored goals in the match. Betting TB(1.5) will win if 2 or more goals are scored in the match. If less than two, then the loss, as 0 or 1 is less than the value of 1.5.

These are the most popular types of sports betting, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Bookmakers in the present time in the imagination can not refuse - bettors can bet on the statistics of duels, removal of the coach, the authors of the goals scored, the result of specific segments of the game and much more.

What sport should I bet on?

Bets should be placed on the sport that you know best. It cannot be said that this sport is better for betting and that one is worse. All of them are equally promising for betting in the Parimatch bookmaker office.

If you know a few sports, it is better to concentrate on one of them at first. Today, you can bet on soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, water polo, sumo, mixed martial arts, cybersports and several dozen other sports.

Is it possible to win with bets?

Practice shows that it is possible to earn, and quite a lot of money. But also life experience tells us that few people manage to win regularly. The reason is the lack of discipline, the inability to control emotions, improper bankroll management and neglect of analysis.

Choose a strategy and do not deviate from it, which will allow you to systematize the game and at least reduce the risks. Each match on which you make a bet, analyze carefully, never bet at random. A great helper for beginners in the choice of betting will be sports forecasts from professionals. Prognosticating skills come with experience, although bettors with many years of experience study the opinion of experts, comparing it with their own.

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