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Our environment will be grateful in future for our today garbage separation

Our environment will be grateful in future for our today garbage separation
Garbage separation helps protect the environment and save money. There are special points for collecting reusable / recyclable or environmentally harmful waste (paper, batteries, glass, cardboard, plant waste, aluminum, metal, textile products, oil, etc.). This waste should not be thrown into normal household waste. Each municipality has its own waste and waste disposal plan, which is received when one enrolls in a municipality. It specifies what waste can be thrown, when and where. It is forbidden to burn garbage or unload it in places not provided for it. Plastic bottles and other packaging can be deposited free of charge at almost all points of sale.

Garbage Bags
Garbage that is not recycled must be disposed of in the special garbage bags. The price of a disposal rate is included in the price of garbage bags. Each municipality has its own bags or stamps, which can be purchased for example in shopping centers and other stores. On certain days of the week, garbage bags must be left on the street (or in special cases at another collection point). It is not allowed to take out the trash other days.
Special waste
Special waste must be disposed of in a special way, since they contain toxic or harmful products for the environment. These include, for example, chemicals, batteries, electrical products, energy-saving lamps or expired medications. These products cannot be disposed of in any way to normal household junk. They can usually be taken where they have been purchased. The manufacturer and the sellers must accept this waste and take care of the junk removal for free.

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