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Super Cloudbuilt Computer Game Review (Part 2)

Super Cloudbuilt Computer Game Review (Part 2)
Death is the search for truth

It is this slogan most accurately describes the gameplay of the game. Dying in the game will often. Using a jet pack one has to die almost every few minutes. Therefore, the main rule of Super Cloudbuilt is not to be timid to make a mistake or to make the wrong move. The speed of the game is reactive, the levels are constructed in such a way that it is unlikely to be able to run through the level from the first attempt the first time. Therefore, only by trial and error can heights be reached (literally and figuratively). I do not often play hardcore games that challenge players, because the excitement wakes up in me, and the desire comes to beat all the records and go through this most difficult level. A good example is the game Hotline Miami, which I played so hard that I can pass it in 3-4 hours. The true essence of Super Cloudbuilt hardcore lies in learning routes and honing movements to the level of automatism. The dynamics are lost, but as soon as tactics are formed, the levels fly by at lightning speed, the game has a special effect on people who are not familiar with the game, and their main thoughts "how can you even understand anything at such a speed?"

The game has several game modes. The mode of the story does not represent something interesting, it is only monologues of the main character between the levels and a large number of trials. The game has more than 130 levels, but each of them will have to go far more than once, thanks to the above tests: complete a level without weapons, complete a level in a certain time, complete a level with a limited amount of life and this is only the beginning. The main thing is that besides the level has several paths, the absence of one of the gameplay elements, for example, the absence of weapons greatly changes the gameplay.

In conclusion, briefly about the shooting itself, and the scale of health. Falling from a great height or receiving damage from robots that are at levels, it decreases, therefore, especially hot in those moments when you overlooked the amount of health and ran through the platform with the enemies. The developers did not really bother with shooting, it is not brought to the forefront. Shooting in the game is convenient and that's it. There is no return, from long-range aiming helps avtopotsel.

Results and impressions:

In the old games the spirit of rivalry was clearly felt, they were challenging the player. Now the games are aimed at the mass market, where even the legendary franchises are becoming & quot; simpler & quot; so as not to scare the modern player. Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good picture and plot, but this leads to the fact that the games that challenge the player are becoming smaller. One of these is Cloudbuilt. Difficult, which does not forgive mistakes, a game that learns from its mistakes dozens and tens of times in a row. I can not rate the game as a remastering, but as a distinct game, Super Cloudbuilt is something that everyone should try. https://australiacasinoonline.com

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