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Blood Omen review: Legacy of Kain

Blood Omen review: Legacy of Kain
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain was released back in 1996, when in the still young and full of new original ideas in the gaming world, such titans as brutal green Warcraft II and haughly blond haired Duke Nukem 3D reigned supreme. This beautiful in all respects game, created jointly by two gifted studios - Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics, was destined to become the founder of the magnificent saga, which still makes the hearts of thousands of fans around the world beat more often, and disputes flare up hotter.

The game tells us a story full of secrets, sufferings and intrigues of a young and self-confident nobleman named Cain. However, for the noble Cain the noble we will not have to play for long, for already at the very beginning of the game our hero suddenly dies for nothing about anything, stabbed to death by a gang of robbers on a cold autumn night. Awakened in Hell, Cain does not begin to reflect on the future fate of his immortal soul and the severity of his sins during his short life, he longs for only one thing - revenge for his perfidious murderers. Suddenly the mysterious Necromancer Mortanius appears to offer Cain what he so passionately desires, and, like a naive child, our hero agrees without asking about the price. Everything has its price, the meaning of this simple and old, like the world itself, Cain realizes fully, only waking from death in a damp and dark mausoleum, henceforth it is awaited by the difficult fate of the bloodthirsty son of darkness - the vampire ...

The action of the game takes place in the gothic world of Nosgoth, which slowly perishes, full of ancient legends and riddles. In the course of the game we will have to visit various cities and villages, fight with many different enemies, unravel the tangle of secrets and intrigues in search of their place under the sun (in our case it would be more accurate to say the moon) and their true purpose. And, what is most interesting, we will have to feel all the & quot; charms & quot; vampire life, and with all the difficulties and obstacles that will inevitably meet on the path of Cain, an arsenal of legendary weapons and armor, a set of a wide variety of magic spells and artifacts, various vampiric abilities and fearlessness of the main character will help.

Wonderful musical accompaniment, accurately emphasizing the severity and hopelessness of the situation in which Cain found himself, the wonderful voice of the characters, on which talented actors worked, the unsurpassed twisted plot and the well-worked dark atmosphere of the vampire saga will only enhance the impression of the game and will help to plunge into the mysterious world for hours Nosgot. electrician santa clarita ca

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