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Do I need a baby monitor in the apartment

Do I need a baby monitor in the apartment
Many believe that a baby monitor is completely unnecessary if you live in a regular apartment, like most of our citizens. I will say on my own that I hold the opposite opinion. I made a choice in favor of the baby monitor and never regretted it.

We live in a 3 room apartment. When my daughter was quite small, I used a baby monitor every day, and now every night. Now the child is a year and a half. I will tell about the advantages of using this device by my own example. The radio nurse helped me a lot, during the daytime sleep of the child. Especially when she slept on the balcony. I could go about my business knowing that the baby monitor would react to any rustling.

Our daughter did not sleep in the crib, so I put her on our bed for the afternoon nap. Now she herself is getting off her and I do not even turn on the baby monitor during the day. And when there was still a baby, then our baby monitor immediately signaled to me that my daughter woke up and I instantly ran to make sure that she didn’t fall out of bed. The blessing to run is not far. Now at night, the daughter sleeps in a separate room, on a sofa, covered with large pillows. And all night she has a baby monitor. The parent unit is on my bedside table, right under my ear. In this situation, there is only one minus. Sometimes in the middle of the night there are suddenly some kind of interference, but for those who have seen enough of the films like “White noise”, “Paranormal phenomena” and so on. - it is very scary! )))

The baby monitor was also very useful in our country house. In general, the thing is comfortable. I'm not sure if she will be needed in a one-room apartment, but in a two-room apartment or in a country house, I consider a baby monitor a good helper.

Baby monitors are digital and analog. What is the fundamental difference in use, I did not quite understand. We have an analog baby monitor. It works just fine. Reception is very clean. Only very rarely are short-term interferences that I talked about. There are also baby monitors. I can say that the baby monitors are enough for me personally. If anything, I can always go to the child and see. But I think that in the conditions of a large house, it is better to choose a video nurse.

In our country, baby monitors are a little expensive in my opinion. We were rescued by the Internet. We ordered it from Canada. Together with the delivery in 2019 came out 2000 rubles. In our city, even such a company is not sold. A baby monitor with similar characteristics stood 4-5 thousand. So if a baby monitor is needed by anyone who doubts, I highly recommend purchasing this beautiful thing for daily use if there is more than one room in your apartment! One of the most popular chat sex 100% Free! There is no option to pay. Free adult chat rooms featuring sex chat rooms for everyone. Includes roleplaying, porn and image exchange live online chatrooms. Mobile and tablet ready.

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