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New Home Movers Laredo

New Home Movers Laredo
New Home Movers has everything to carry out the moving in the fastest and safest way, using high quality materials and professional movers.
Our mission is excellence in our service and customer satisfaction. Moving is not a simple task, in fact, 40% of people think that making a move is one of the events that stress you the most.
If it is a question of small transfers or the move of a complete apartment, office, or industrial warehouse it is recommended to hire a specialized company.
New Home Movers is a full service moving company . We care take care of high quality materials like bubble, double cardboard boxes, covers, blankets, etc. We can manage packing, unpacking, cleaning services, the assembly and the disassembly of the furniture, etc.
Why choose us

1. We offer quick and safe moving for individuals and companies by staff with extensive experience.
2. We guarantee the perfect transfer of your furniture, equipment and other belongings without any damage. We specialize in local and long distance moving.
3. We have several vehicles according to the transfer to be made (trucks of various sizes according to the belongings to be moved).
4. Efficiency and organization in all processes to relocate as fast as possible.
5. We have insurance for all types of objects such as pianos, dishes, jewelry, works of art, packaging of fragile pieces, and antiques.
6. Budget without commitment.
We will be happy to assist you by phone but we recommend to order the estimate. You cannot give a correct and accurate budget by phone. After we have agrees on the price you will not have extra fees.
If we are going to pack your things, it is best to consult how to do it and see what materials we can use to have the best protection of your belongings. Always taking into account that we are the experts and that we can offer you an efficient and excellent service.
In case of having a painting or object of great value (works of art), tell us in advance, because it is not included in the usual insurance.
Contact us +1-956-815-37-85

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