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Stretch ceilings pros and cons

Stretch ceilings pros and cons
Summer has come - the time for vacations and repairs. And if some of you still prefer to go to the warm coast, then the rest still have to face the harsh reality and begin repairs in their home. In this article, we will cover such a question as stretch ceilings, their pros and cons.
Let's start with the main thing - there are two types of stretch ceilings: with and without seams. Seamless patterns are a more expensive pleasure compared to other options. But the price pays for its lifetime - after installation, such ceilings will last you almost an eternity. In addition, you can choose the option that suits you perfectly according to the overall style of your home. Indeed, the variety of suspended ceilings is so rich that you can not even imagine. This includes ceilings in the form of arches, arcs, waves, levels, and even in the form of deserts or dunes. The assortment also offers textures and colors.
The main advantage is that stretch ceilings help in the repair - you do not need to plaster the ceilings, but simply align them. This type of coating is also very convenient for wiring, you can mount the wires directly under the stretch ceiling.
The advantage is also ease of installation and speed. The duration of all work will be equal to only one day. Also, after installing such a ceiling in the room there is no debris and dust, as is the case with ordinary. In addition, even if your home "sits down", then this will not affect the ceilings.
A huge advantage is that stretch ceilings work on the principle of sound insulation. They also are not afraid of corrosion, since they do not react with any chemical elements. Also, they do not condense moisture on their surface, and, therefore, they are simply indispensable for your bathroom.
Pluses are facts such as the environmental friendliness of the materials from which stretch ceilings are made, and their non-stability.
Further, a washable surface of such ceilings is a natural advantage. Even if the neighbors flood you with water, nothing threatens your apartment, since all the moisture will remain in the structure, and then you can pump it out without damaging the furniture and other interior items.
Well, another plus of course will be aesthetic pleasure. If you put suspended ceilings with LED backlight, then you can not help but appreciate the chic that appears in your apartment.
Now let's talk about the cons. Firstly, it is an unpleasant odor that appears immediately after installation. Such a luxury will not suit you even if you have low ceilings, since due to stretch ceilings they will become even lower. The problem may be that this whole structure will become a good refuge for all kinds of insects like mosquitoes.
As you can see, stretch ceilings have their pros and cons. You can discuss this as much as you like. Remember, the main thing is that nothing in this world is perfect, and the comfort and convenience that stretch ceilings provide you with can not be compared with anything. Secure Tabs

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