Managerial skills for resumes

The job of a director involves managing a process, a department, or the company as a whole. The main task of a director is to improve the performance of the company.

How to write a resume

It is necessary to take the resume of a director with all seriousness, because the selection criteria are much stricter than in other positions.

Particular attention should be paid to work experience (work in senior positions would be an advantage), functional responsibilities, key skills and achievements, professional and business qualities of the head, as well as sections on "Education" and "Additional Education" (courses, trainings, seminars, conferences).

  • Manager's (Director's) professional skills for CVs
    Knowledge of foreign languages (specify name of language and level of proficiency);
  • knowledge of computer programs (specify the name of the program);
  • negotiating experience;
  • experience in personnel recruitment, training, adaptation, motivation;
  • experience in strategic planning;
  • experience in managing people;
  • ability to make non-standard management decisions;
  • ability to build a team;
  • ability to delegate authority;
  • ability to control;
  • ability to plan and forecast;
  • the ability to persuade.

Personal qualities of a manager (director) for a resume

  • analytical skills;
  • initiative;
  • communication skills;
  • creativity;
  • leadership;
  • logical thinking;
  • motivation;
  • assertiveness;
  • resourcefulness;
  • optimism;
  • organizational skills;

This list of key skills and competencies of a manager is not complete, an example is LinkedIn Profile Example for Managing Director.