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Georgian SSR Economic Independence Concept # 003

Georgian SSR Economic Independence Concept # 003
9.5. The development of the regions of the Georgian SSR is carried out on the basis of self-government and self-financing. It is based on various forms of ownership, organization of enterprises and enterprises, on the economic independence of enterprises and organizations located in the region; It ensures the improvement of production specialization of the region, the interest of local governments and their responsibility to increase the region’s potential and living standards, increase its contribution and create the necessary reserves.

9.6. The Georgian SSR implements a policy of priorities and protectionism in relation to individual regions or individual industries within regions. It is expressed in government investments, loans and grants, preferential taxes, differentiated standards, compensations and restrictions, encouraging forms of small-scale production and economy, creating free economic zones, etc.

9.7. Taking into account economic feasibility, for a certain time, the republic considers it permissible to establish free zones on the scale of a region or a group of regions with a certain specialization of economic activity involving capitalist firms.

9.8. Proceeding from national interests in regions with less favorable natural and climatic conditions, which are deprived of the possibility of full self-financing, in order to overcome the economic and social imbalances that have arisen, to equalize the living conditions of the people, a systematic, targeted redistribution of the republic’s material, labor and financial resources between the regions is carried out. For the purpose of employment of the able-bodied population and the normal development of the social sphere in such regions, the republican authorities create additional jobs, implement a policy of economic benefits, subsidies, subsidies from excess incomes of those regions that have particularly favorable climatic conditions and production structure.

9.9. One of the main directions of the regional policy of the Georgian SSR is the development of mountain regions taking into account their characteristics. The concept of unification and enlargement of the so-called “unpromising villages” and small villages, as well as the harmful practice of resettling residents of high-mountain villages to low-lying areas, was rejected and erroneous in its consequences.

The Georgian SSR is actively contributing to the preservation and restoration of small mountain villages, the development of transport, services and related industries in the mountains, mainly livestock and resort-tourism, as well as the creation of small enterprises and branches in order to develop local natural resources and ensure employment of the population. In accordance with national interests in the mountains, an incentive demographic and financial policy is implemented, grants, subsidies and other economic benefits for the development of the social sphere at the expense of the state budget of the republic, free transfer of arable land to the local population in eternal possession.

9.10. The most important component of the regional policy of the republic is the regulation and management at the regional level of the processes of demographic, migration and resettlement. The state, territorial self-government bodies, taking into account the peculiarities of the regions, carry out a differentiated demographic and socio-economic policy aimed at the growth of the indigenous population, with the aim of creating stimulating conditions, pendulum interregional migration and optimizing the structure of employment, suspending the growth of large cities, accelerating the social development of small towns and regional centers, villages. Find a suitable interlocutor and communicate in an anonymous online chat with the ability to send photos. Welcome to live cams girls for online communication and Dating with girls and guys without registration and SMS, completely anonymous!

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