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How discount systems are created

How discount systems are created
Discount systems are developed in accordance with the goals set by the seller: it can be storage systems or systems with a fixed discount policy that use automated workstations or require simple manual accounting. A key element of any discount system is a plastic card, presenting which the buyer receives a certain benefit.

Consider several ways to organize discount systems.

Purpose of discount systems.

When developing any discount system, first of all, one should determine its purpose - i.e.

e. the task that the discount system is designed to perform. Depending on the task, a set of measures and a list of promotional materials that should be connected to the advertising campaign of the seller’s organization are determined. The following are the most common tasks that a discount system can pursue:

New company. Large-scale customer acquisition.

For newly created organizations, the question of rapid mass customer acquisition is often the question. For this purpose, a large circulation of inexpensive promotional materials (leaflets or discount cards for one-time use) that can be distributed in the most crowded places of the city (metro stations, business centers), and also distributed in the mailboxes of the population, can be issued. The purpose of such a campaign is to convey information about the organization to a potential buyer, and also, if possible, force him to visit your company. The bonus that the buyer receives in this case can consist of either a one-time discount or an exchange of a card for a discount plastic card of a regular customer. In order for the buyer not to send the advertising material to the trash, but to keep it until necessary, the information useful for him is applied on the back: metro map, calendar, bridges schedule or emergency telephones. Moreover, the advertising material will be more attractive and durable, the greater the likelihood of its preservation. For example, comparing a piece of paper and a discount card (not even plastic, but just laminated) - it is easy to guess which of the advertising materials will benefit.

Discount cards to attract new customers.

 Repeat visit.

After the first visit of the buyer, you are faced with the next task - to keep him, making him a regular customer. For this purpose, a circulation of plastic cards is issued, which are issued to the buyer either after the acquisition of any product, or after the purchase for a certain amount. On such plastic cards, the face value of the discount that the buyer will receive in the future can be indicated explicitly. If the seller aims to establish a discount depending on the volume of purchases made, then the discount on the card is not indicated, and the card is numbered for the possibility of such an account.

Gift plastic card. Customer encouragement.

The discount incentive system is used in large companies where customers regularly make large volumes of purchases. Plastic cards in such systems, as a rule, are not issued free of charge, but are sold to the buyer. In the future, the card quickly pays off subject to frequent use (an example is large supermarkets). WARNING!!! Ants Infestation! There are numerous approaches and thousands of treatments to get rid of these small crooks, and ant catches are rather controversial means to combat them. Some people state that ant traps are the very best remedy to sell off the ant colony quickly and also quickly. Here are the best ant traps. AMDRO Granules is taken into consideration to be the best woodworker ant trap. Location granules around your house to create a block for carpenter ants, so they won't obtain within. If the problem is currently within, inspect the interior AMDRO products to do away insects.

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