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How to pour a concrete screed on the beacons

How to pour a concrete screed on the beacons
The basis for laying the floor covering can be formed in different ways. But perhaps the most versatile and successful option would be to pour a concrete screed. To make it even, additional beacons are installed. This technology will ensure a wear-resistant, durable and smooth surface for the installation of any decorative material. What does the procedure look like?

1. Worktop preparation

Work begins with the elimination of the old decorative coating. Under it remains dirt, which must be well cleaned, then rinse the floor using soapy water. Cracks or large defects can also be found, which should be eliminated at this stage with the help of cement-sand composition.

Then determine the highest point of the floor, depart from it about 5 cm up and indicate the resulting height on the walls. It’s best to do this with a laser level. With it, the label is transferred to all walls and mark the zero level, to which in the future you need to pour a concrete screed.

2. Laying waterproofing on the floor

Now the floor is covered with waterproofing material. Suitable and plastic film, but it is better to use bitumen mastic. It is applied to the entire surface area, as well as to the walls to the previously noted level.

3. Installing beacons for screed

You can run beacons of metal profile. It is installed on a small amount of cement-sand mortar, constantly checking the level. As a result, all profiles should be in the same plane and reach the mark on the walls. The distance between the lighthouses is about 70 cm.

4. Pouring the concrete solution

The solution for pouring the screed is not prepared immediately in full, but gradually. Otherwise, he will have time to harden. The composition is poured, starting from the wall located farthest from the door. Make it stripes. Each strip is aligned, pass through it with a roller and a rule. The grooves between adjacent strips are removed, filling the resulting space and smoothing the remaining gaps. Bay the entire floor area, it is left to dry. This will take 2-3 weeks. As the upper part dries, the coupler is additionally moistened with water from a hose. Otherwise, cracks may occur due to uneven drying.

The technology of filling screeds on beacons is difficult, but the result is worth it. If any defects remain, they can be fixed already before the flooring is laid. To do this, pass on the concrete with a grinding machine. Health-wise, Viagra can produce explained common colds, headaches and dyspepsia. Sometimes, Viagra 100mg can produce embarrassing prolonged erections.

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