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How to wear a man wrist watch

How to wear a man wrist watch
Today, watches are a business accessory, an attribute of style, emphasizing the position and social status of its owner. However, despite the diversity of choice and the wide distribution of this product, most of the representatives of the stronger sex do not have a clear idea of ​​how to wear a wristwatch to a man. To figure out how to properly wear a watch, you should consider a number of subtleties and details attributed to the business etiquette presented below.
Rules for wearing a wristwatch
• The definition of a hand is a fundamental principle. According to etiquette, the watch should not be worn on the dominant hand. This is explained by the fact that the accessory burdens the working hand and hampers movement. People of working specialties have an additional risk - the opportunity to hook the accessory on sharp edges or objects. For this reason, a right-handed person should wear a watch on his left hand, while a left-handed one should wear a right one.
• Bracelet / strap length. The watch should not squeeze the wrist, or hang freely on it. The best option - the distance between the strap and the wrist should be about a centimeter.
• Case width. The small dial looks ridiculous on a wide wrist, and a wide dial on a thin one. An important role is played by the shape of the hand and the length of the fingers. For men with a medium-sized brush and short fingers, a neat little watch is well suited. Holders of a narrow hand, having “pianist fingers”, it is recommended to stop at a small clock of an intricate form. Men with a wide brush should look at the accessories of the correct geometric shape, the appropriate size.
• Matching style. At official meetings, the color of the wristwatch must match the color of the costume and jewelry. In everyday life, free carrying is allowed.
• Clothing with long sleeves. Similar to the previous paragraph: at the official reception or meeting to wear a watch over the cuff is considered unethical. In a friendly and free atmosphere, this option is considered acceptable.
In addition to the rules outlined, it should be remembered that watches must comply with the lifestyle of its owner. Businessmen, office staff are perfect classic representative watches, fans of extreme sports, lovers of an active lifestyle should take a look at the sports options of watches. [Small add on https://kinosalo.org/categories/minet/ ]

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