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Game set Magic Tree Series Jake and the Pirates of Netlandia

Game set Magic Tree Series Jake and the Pirates of Netlandia
Perhaps the best cartoon is Jake and the Pirates of Netlandia. This cartoon is famous for the fact that in it the famous pirate Jake travels every day, passing through land and sea obstacles to meet his goal. He fights with pirates for good and justice, saves the innocent and just searches, and finds treasure. That is why this character is so loved by young children. It is interesting to watch him on TV, but it is even more interesting to play with him thanks to toys based on the cartoon.
The release of such toys is engaged in an American company. She produces only interesting and high-quality models for young children. One of these models is the Game Set Magic Tree Series of Jake and the Pirates of Netlandia. This set includes a large tree with an arch and three playgrounds. The tree has eyes, eyebrows and a nose. The mouth of the tree is the arch. The first playground is located at the very top of the tree. On it is located an observation deck with a tree in the form of an arch, as well as a starting device, which can be thrown with arrows included in the kit. The second platform is the right side of the tree. It has a grid on which to climb it. It also serves as a viewing platform or place to fight. The third platform is the left side, enclosed by a part of the ship. It is a place to fight. The platform is presented with an opening door. With her help, the defender has the advantage of fighting - a sudden attack.
Together with a bright toy, a wonderful Jake from the animated series Jake and the Pirates of Netlandia, a small child will develop talents and learn to think logically.
It will be very interesting for a baby to play with such an amazing and simply very colorful set. With him, he will be able to develop his imagination, motor skills, thinking and in general, will have a good time. He will be able to play safely for the joy of his parents, invent stories and improve himself in this matter. With the help of such toys as the Magic Tree Game set, Jake and the Pirates of Netlandia, good leisure is provided to the kid.
The toy is made of high quality, durable and reliable material. Painted in safe and non-toxic paint. It is of interest in young children from three years old, boys and girls. The toy is packed in a certified box. It does not have any dangerous elements that a child can swallow while playing. תמונות של נערות ליווי כוסיות ב dizengoff-escort.com עם מבחר בחורות גדול

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