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How to remove the tree stumps?

How to remove the tree stumps?
How to remove the tree stumps?

The process of falling and removing the trees which have completed their life cycle is very dangerous and should be done by the tree removal professionals . Also you will need to remove the stumps of the fallen trees and their roots to improve the quality of the land for the new trees to be planted.

The removal of tree stumps is expensive and involves some difficulties that can be minimized by following some techniques. The amount of time and energy the process consumes depends on the size, width and the root system of the particular tree. While the size and width of open holes may be the only factors, how deep and wide the tree's roots extend beneath the ground is also another major concern.

When trees are felled or fallen, their stumps should be removed to prevent the formation of sprouts and fungal root rot. Although they are often large and heavy, stumps can be removed with the special equipment and technique or by using long-term heavy chemicals.
Chemical agents that destroy the stump should be applied to freshly cut wood, so it is best to apply them immediately after felling. Otherwise, they must be cut again before applying the product.
We advise to remove the stump at the same time you remove the tree.

Tree stumps can be left on the ground after felling, but this can cause sprouting problems when new shoots emerge from the trunk and roots. Completely dead stumps will not form offshoots, but they can be carriers of root diseases such as Armilaria, Fusarium, Phytophthoras or other fungi, so it is not worth taking the risk.

Here I detail some of these methods

The best solution is to remove stump physically. Ideally, the stump should be completely removed, but if this is not possible, alternative methods usually give satisfactory results. For smaller trees, stumps can be removed with a winch. For leverage it is necessary to leave a piece of good size on the stump (up to 1.2 m high) instead of cutting it at ground level. Manual start or mechanical mini excavator eliminates most of the root system. Removal is easier if trees are felled so that there is a significant length of the trunk to give advantage to help removal. It is necessary to have the repair of the damages that can be caused in the steel or paving.
We hope our advice was useful for you.

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