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Characteristics of Linkruste Wallpaper

Characteristics of Linkruste Wallpaper
Linkrust was invented in the mid-19th century by Briton Frederick Walton. At that time, wood cork and natural rubber were used for its production. The components were crushed and mixed, and after solidification, the mass was applied to a jute fabric base.
Modern linkcrust is one of the types of materials for finishing, which is nothing more than a thin plastic layer applied to a fabric or paper base. The upper plastic layer makes it possible to apply various patterns and textures to it. Linkcrust is produced in the form of rolls with a length of not less than 12 meters, and their width can be different.
Linkrust wallpapers are characterized by durability, wear resistance, density and strength, which is comparable to the strength of ivory. They are environmentally friendly, do not absorb moisture, fungus and mold do not start on them. Due to its texture, the Lincrust wallpaper masks small bumps on the walls well. They are resistant to sunlight, easy to care for. Since these wallpapers are waterproof, they can be wiped off dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Linkrusted wallpapers look expensive and help create a luxurious interior. They decorate the walls of bedrooms, libraries, living rooms, as well as bars, restaurants and concert halls.
Of the minuses, one can note only the high cost, the complexity of installation and instability to low temperatures, under the influence of which, the linkcrust wallpaper can begin to crack.
Before proceeding to decorate the walls with linkruste wallpaper, they must be properly prepared. To do this, plaster the walls, put a layer of putty, carefully clean and primer. Wallpaper before gluing is cut into pieces of the required size and kept in hot water for 5 or 10 minutes. After soaking, the wallpaper is pulled out and left for another 8 or 10 hours until fully expanded. Excess water can be removed with a dry cloth or napkin.
The process of sticking linkrost wallpaper should take place at an air temperature of at least 15 degrees. As glue for this type of wallpaper use a starch or flour paste with the addition of wood glue. After the installation of the linkcrust wallpaper is completed, you need to let them dry properly. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to dry. Fully dried Lincrust wallpaper can be painted with oil paint or enamel. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account such a feature of linkrost wallpaper as shrinkage, after which small cracks can appear on them, amenable to masking with paint. Tips! Find Contractors Anytime - Anywhere! Click here More than 20 different professional trade-worker services!!

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