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“Germany unearthed what was left of ancient Olympia. Why can't France restore the old greatness? ”

“Germany unearthed what was left of ancient Olympia. Why can't France restore the old greatness? ”
“Germany unearthed what was left of ancient Olympia.
 Why can't France restore the old greatness? ”
The historical phrase of the founder of the Olympic movement in their current understanding marked the beginning of a new era - the era of sports development.
At the end of the eighteenth century, the finds of German archaeologists led a wave of fascination with ancient culture. Discovered statues and sports buildings suggested the existence of competitions in strength and dexterity of representatives of a special class of ancient Greece, founded by the mythical hero Hercules, who turned out to be a real representative of ancient sports culture. Statues found during archaeological research, proved a special relationship to physical strength and beauty. Later it was proved that the competitions of strongmen, runners, wrestlers and other representatives originated at the foot of Mount Olympus and had a periodic character, excluding the time of military clashes. The winners were honored as war heroes, their names were recorded in the chronicles.
The defeat of the French army in the war with Prussia, according to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was determined by the physical failure of its soldiers. The idea of ​​the founder of the new movement was not only to improve the physical parameters of the younger generation, but also in mutual understanding between representatives of different countries and preserving the world like the Olympians. The idea of ​​Baron was supported at the congress, held at the University of Sorbonne, and soon became a reality, starting its new calendar from Athens, thus reviving the traditions of antiquity. They decided to hold the Olympics every four years and this tradition was interrupted only during the world wars. The traditional rituals of organizing an international sports festival are lighting the fire from an Olympic torch delivered by outstanding sports representatives, open and finish world competitions according to the developed scenario, the hosts organize a holiday in a big way and with national colors. The International Olympic Committee, approved the emblem of five colored rings, symbolizing the continents of the Earth. The organizers of the sports festival necessarily create a talisman expressing the national characteristics of the state. Along with the Summer Olympics, winter sport games soon began to be held, subsequently shifted in terms of two years.
The initial participation in the competition only representatives of the strong half of humanity has long gone. Records of the representatives of the "weak" sex amaze with their superiority over the achievements of male athletes of the past decades at times.
The development of sports has led to the creation of new species that demonstrate the physical capabilities of man. Their promotion has determined the inclusion in the Olympic program. The modern protocol will allow the inclusion of two exponential species in the overall program. International relations have led to the expansion of geography, and the composition of teams covers all continents of the globe.
In the past few decades, the development of the Olympic movement has led to the Paralympic Games among athletes with disabilities. Along with the Olympics, Youth and Universiade are held, thereby supporting the development of sports among non-professionals. en.malinaescort.com

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