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You might have played many indie games and many JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) as well, but what happens when you combine those two. If that question arose in your mind in any time then Child of Light is a perfect answer for you. This game is a combination of Western art with JRPG style combat and for better I must say. Its quite rare for a high budget game developer to indulge in development of Indie game like this one and quite good to know that these developers are actually taking interest in this direction.

The storytelling of Child Of Light is a fairytale with the obvious type of start. It is about a princess, Aurora who loves her father and vice versa. She wakes up in a dream world where all the light sources, the Sun and Moon are taken down by the evil antagonist Black Queen and you have to restore them back and go back to the real world to your father. Most of the storytelling is done in the form of rhythmic sentences, kind of like Shakespeare. It is actually really nice but sometimes it feels like its being forced on the dialogues. After a while, the story in the game feels like a drag. l started to loose interest in the story, still its not bad and characters always keep things refreshing for a change. As the story progresses, you meet new characters like a bearded Dwarf, a circus actor and more but I’ll not spoil them for you, many will join in your party and can be used in combat. Introduction new friv games.

Child Of Light is an artistic marvel to look at. The graphics looks like 2D hand made water painting, its surprising how a 2D game can look this good, the Ubi Art Engine has done its job, it looks really really awesome. The level of detail for Aurora, the hair animation, dress animation are all really well done. The detail for Igniculus is equally tremendous. Unfortunately they were the centre of attention so were really well done but I can’t say the same for enemies, the animation of enemies is not very good when compared to these two characters. The environment of the game is really well done, you’ll actually feel like you are in a wonderland, the sky, grass and everything is really well done. Every new area in the game is fun to explore just to see the beauty of it, even the dark areas are well done in the game in this department.

In Child Of Light you control two characters simultaneously, one is of course Aurora and the other one is a elemental light also known as Igniculus or Firefly as said in game. As in JRPGs you explore the map for every item you can get, and fight every enemy to level up. Exploration is fun really, thanks to the flawless control and animations, in darker areas your Firefly does its job by providing light to explore, Igniculus is also used in solve various puzzles of the game and to control the traps and open chests while exploration. When you are not exploring then you are obviously fighting.

The combat takes place in a separate screen and is switched automatically, it is basically a 2 vs 3 battle, 2 from your side excluding Igniculus and 3 or less from enemy side. It is Turn based with Battle bar or Time bar displayed in the bottom, the ¾ part is waiting and ¼ is casting, when you reach at the edge of casting bar then you activate your casting which will be done once you reach the final edge of the bar, however if you were attacked when you are in cast bar then you get interrupted and go back without casting the spell. Now this goes both ways to Igniculus plays a vital role in combat as he can slow down the enemies and you can cancel their casting. The combat system is really good and to be honest it was the only thing that kept me coming back to this game again and again.

Apart from combat you have Skill tree, every time you gain a level you get a skill to spend. There are basically 3 trees for each Hero, every Hero is different from other and have a different set of skill which keep things interesting as you can plan ahead how you wanna tackle the situation and will level up the skills accordingly for each hero. You can basically make combos such that the enemies won’t be able to cast a single spell in entire battle if you are smart enough and think ahead. Because if this you’ll always have to think 2 step ahead of the current action and its reaction.

When you are done with the Skills then you’ll come to oculi which are basically gems which buffs you in various ways, you have 3 equipment for each hero which can be combined with these oculi, you can also craft higher type of oculi using the lower ones and you’ll do it a lot, but sometimes its get confusing as I didn’t remember which Hero had the Fire damage and which had the water damage to suit my needs, as there are many heroes and each having 3 slots so its not really easy to remember the exact oculi you gave them. There is a inventory as well in the game which gets filled from the battles and the loots you get from the exploration.

The background music of Child Of Light is quite good but not exceptional in my honest opinion. It sounds good while exploration and the game music while doing combat is equally good, which is more of upbeat kinda sound. Also while in combat you’ll hear some animation sound while attacking but they are not very appealing to me. Also the dialogues in the game which are basically rhyming sentences are purely text, I would have loved if they were properly done with the voice actors in a good accent. I really do miss that in this game. Other than that I don’t have much complaints in this area.

Child Of Light is stunning to look at with beautiful world ready to be explored by you. The characters are nice, combat is very good and will keep you coming back again and again for more. Unfortunately story is not the strongest aspect of the game, it starts off with a good start but eventually it gets kinda boring. Despite these cons of the game I will recommend this game to anyone who want to play a good Indie 2D RPG game.

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