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If you fell in love with a younger guy

If you fell in love with a younger guy
That all ages are submissive to love, everyone knows. But it so happens that love comes to a person who is much younger than you and then self-confidence, and peace of mind disappears. But what to do if your heart was won over by a young youth who recently graduated from university, and you have already taken place a lady with a brilliant career? Make the first step will be very difficult, especially if the guy does not show interest.

But if you finally decided that you need him and you want a relationship with him, then you need to act.

 First you need to test the soil. That is, to find out about him as much information as possible, is there a girl, who are relatives, friends, a robot, a hobby, and leisure. All this information is useful in the future. After all, thanks to her, you can predict his behavior in a given situation. In such cases, you do not need to show selfishness, if the guy is all right on a personal front, wait until his heart is free, then it will be easier for you to win him and your conscience will be clear.

As soon as an opportune moment comes it is necessary to establish a close acquaintance with him and gradually fall in love with him. To do this you will need all your rich experience in the art of seduction. At first, he may not perceive you as a woman. If your age is close to the age of his mother, then be prepared that he will treat you accordingly. Calling you on & quot; you & quot; and obey as a mentor. You will have to instill in him that he is a man, regardless of age and the decision should be taken in any case.

Never try to remake it and teach it. This will only push him away from you.

 After all, everyone wants to be independent. Such conversations can give rise to complexes and a feeling of insolvency in his soul, and then you will start having problems. You want to see near you a confident, handsome and strong man, and not a rag that hides behind your skirt.

Do not try to be like his contemporaries. Bright makeup and defiant clothes on a solid woman will look ridiculous and vulgar. Be yourself, and he will appreciate it. Do not be shy of his friends, and vice versa, show interest in them. If he invites you to a party with him - go, you don’t have to get drunk and dance striptease on the table. Relax and show that you can relax too and do it with pleasure in a cheerful and noisy company.

And most importantly, always support him and believe in all his endeavors, it will only strengthen your relationship. vip-popki.net/en

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