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Puzzle Quest 2: Friv Game Overview

Puzzle Quest 2: Friv Game Overview

As you might guess, Puzzle Quest 2 is a continuation of the game, released in 2007 (the presence of a deuce in the title clearly hints at this). Well then - we will confirm your assumptions. This is really the same logical walker-walker with colored circles, that's just much prettier. True, in addition to visual embellishment and some innovations, she has nothing to boast of. Therefore, so that the material does not turn into a comparative table of two projects, I will tell you about the second part so, dear readers of Stopgame.ru, as if you had never heard of Puzzle Quest. Play best friv games on the site friv games online. The most popular collection of jogos friv games are presented on this mega portal.

Let's play by the rules. Yes. According to the rules. Therefore, it seems like at the beginning of the story about the game we should talk about its plot. That is, I have to tell who the main character is, why he got to where he got, what is his global task and all that. Usually, all this background is presented to us in a beautiful introductory video, or, at worst, in some slide show with subtitles. In general, at least some preparation for the upcoming action should take place. But not in Puzzle Quest 2. It seems that the developers decided not to load us with unnecessary (in their opinion) details - we begin to adventure immediately, right there, right after the creation of the character. Oh yes. There are four classes of characters, and there is no gender discrimination at all - each class is represented by both a man and a woman. The main difference between them (except for the external, of course) is the set of available types of weapons and equipment.

The principle of development of our hero is well known to all fans of RPG. We move around locations, talk with characters and solve their problems. Tasks do not shine with diversity - basically these are requests to kill someone in order to ... further substitute any motivation. That is, we solve almost all issues with the help of fights - whether it be monsters, treasure chests or closed doors. Unfortunately, the so-called text part present in any classic role-playing game in Puzzle Quest 2 is implemented very poorly. The misfortunes of the population do not cause sympathy, but at some point it doesn’t even matter what happened again - you start skipping dialogs, just to get the task quicker and leave to complete it.

Battles in Puzzle Quest 2pass in a special way - you will not see any crossed blades here (unless figuratively). All the clarification of the relationship takes place on a field dotted with colorful balls and other elements. If you connect three or more of the same objects in a line (vertical or horizontal, then how lucky), then they disappear, leaving behind all sorts of pleasant bonuses. Colored balls (green, yellow, red and blue) give us a certain number of points of the corresponding color, having accumulated the necessary minimum of which, we get the opportunity to use spells. There are a lot of types of these same spells - with their help you can protect yourself and make a trick on the enemy. Direct damage to the enemy can be inflicted with the help of a matching series of skulls or with weapons that are in the hands of our hero. Just two hands therefore, it all depends on your preferences - you can take a one-handed sword, and in conjunction with it a poisonous dagger or a potion that restores health. Or you can arm yourself with a two-handed ax, which, although it will occupy both slots, but the damage done will be significantly higher. Of course, no one will give you chopping left and right without stopping - first you need to accumulate a stock of formidable fists (in the literal sense of the word), also collecting them in a line.

Victory over the enemy will bring you all useful and not very loot, as well as experience points. By the way, for the delivery of quests, a reward in the form of a certain amount of exp and voiced coins also relies. Gold and little things, of course, can be put into business with local merchants. For example, buy equipment or weapons more solid. And also, with the necessary list of ingredients, a special uncle can upgrade both.

With experience points, too, everything is as usual. Firstly, when leveling up, our character gets some new spell. In total, he can use five in a battle, so before you start a fight with a new opponent, think carefully about what comes in handy. Well, and secondly, we are given the opportunity to improve one of five parameters to choose from: strength, reaction, intelligence, endurance, or morality.

All these improvements will definitely come in handy - the skill and health scale of opponents along the way is constantly growing, and even more so you will have to sweat if you ventured to a high level of difficulty.

Solutions to other problems occur in Puzzle Quest 2by the same principle as fights. From time to time you will have to break open the doors (by the way, this can be done in several ways, that is, several types of puzzles), get rid of traps-traps set here and there and open chests of gold (which, by the way, will happen much more often than the rest).

As you know, in the Universe there is no perfection. So Puzzle Quest 2 , unfortunately, in some places and in some places sags. And the thing is that after some time it becomes boring to play it. Moreover, this time comes pretty quickly - just a few hours after the start. Since fights are monotonous to the point of madness, and other charms like a strong plot, charismatic characters, interesting locations or an impressive pumping system are absent, after two or three hours you start to get tired of flickering these too colored and too bright circles on the screen.

In addition, opponents are often repeated - one interesting and original enemy accounts for the heels of all kinds of small goblins, flocks of rats or skeletons. But, as you know, what could be better than an interesting and unexpected opponent? Correctly! An interesting and unexpected LIVE adversary. Hooray - in Puzzle Quest 2there is multiplayer. Well, this is the first reaction. When you start to consider this phenomenon closer, it turns out that the people in the network are depressingly small, and if you manage to get someone to duel for yourself, then he can easily be twice as powerful as our hero. Alas and ah. True, in this regard, the Steam system saves: if the game is bought through it, then there is a ghostly hope of finding a like-minded person, and therefore an opponent from among your comrades. Well, of course, in this case all kinds of achievements will be available - maybe someone will be impressed that you CLEANED THE CITY FROM GOBLINS or defeated the Yeti.

With nothing to do, you can conduct the so-called quick battle or even challenge yourself - try to defeat several enemies in turn, with only one health reserve. But if all these fights are already fed up with the passage of the plot, then what can make them turn to them again?

I would like to draw attention to the fact that most Western gaming publications put up not very modest assessments of Puzzle Quest 2 . In principle, this can be explained by showing respect or nostalgia that has arisen. Agree, in our time, the output of such a casual, but not pop-art project is an event not so frequent. Of course, Puzzle Quest 2 will allow you to pass the 20-30 minutes of doing nothing that you have, and, of course, the game will find its fans. Fans of the first part, I advise once again to think - is it worth giving money actually for the same, albeit slightly prettier product? Well, fans of casuals are unlikely to want to break away from Happy Farm.

Pros: carried out "cosmetic repairs" of the first part; the presence of multiplayer; notes of nostalgia.
Cons: quickly annoying and annoying receptors gameplay; poorly developed plot and characters; too high a price for a game made almost carbon paper.

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