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Effective treatment against pests in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Effective treatment against pests in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Prime Pest company solves and prevents your Pest Control problems in Fort Lauderdale.
We carry out the pest control with the products that do not harm people or pets. We offer pest control treatments in Fort Lauderdale with guarantee and we also offer a free estimate without obligation.
Global warming, commercial relations, migration, economic crisis are the factors that determine the increase of harmful organisms in the cities. For example, the bed bug that was almost missing in the past has invaded homes again. Last summer, urbanization and entire housing communities in Fort Lauderdale were infested with this insect. And private homes suffer more from bed bug infestation than hotels.
For the effective bed bugs control high quality technicians with extensive experience in bed bug training are needed. Tiger mosquitos, transmitter of dengue, are another dangerous species that has recently appeared in Florida. Its presence is related to climate change and the increase in passenger and freight traffic. In addition to bed bugs, the most common urban pests in Florida are rats and cockroaches, which have important consequences for public health. Cockroaches are disease transmitters. Their droppings and the remains of the shed skin are responsible for allergic reactions and asthma (according to the study of the World Health Organization WHO), contamination of food by bacteria causing diseases such as salmonellosis, hepatitis, dysentery and stomach flu.
Rodents are the protagonists of the most important pests that live in urban detritus. The presence of rats is unbearable. Rat infestation is directly related to the transmission of dangerous diseases and economic damage. Through the bites, urine, saliva, the fur these rodents contaminate food, transmit bacteria and viruses, which are the pathogens of hemorrhagic fever, toxoplasmosis, plague, hantavirus.
Prime Pest company carries out deratization and disinfection treatments, eliminating and killing pests in Fort Lauderdale. We control pests of all types. We use harmless and ecological products, we work quickly and effectively.
If you live in Fort Lauderdale and have pest problems, don't wait, call Prime Pest and our technical applicators will solve all the problems related to the pests.

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